Share picnics with your Pokémon, and Girafarig gets an evolved form in latest Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer

The latest Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer has arrived.

Image via Nintendo

The latest Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer has arrived ahead of the game’s impending release date, inching us closer to exploring the Paldea region. This massive Scarlet and Violet trailer breakdowns the major plot points players can explore in the game, showing what life as a student in the Paldea region will be like and the freedom players will have while exploring this new region.

One of the biggest things from the latest trailer was the reveal of Girafarig’s newest evolved form, Farigiraf. The evolved form looked taller than the standard form. It was one of the more significant predictions from the many leakers months ago when several people first talked about Girafarig’s evolved form.

Another large feature revealed in this trailer was the announcement of sharing a picnic with a player’s Pokémon. Similar to previous bonding experiences, players have the chance to spend time with Pokémon, which also yields an opportunity for a Pokémon to provide an egg to players, meaning players now have the chance to bring the Daycare center with them across their adventures. Additionally, the food crafted at these picnics will be an excellent way to make certain Pokémon easier to catch or give Pokémon more experience from battle.

A surprising upcoming feature to Scarlet and Violet is the Technical Machine Machine, allowing players to create TMs during their adventures. Usually, TMs are discovered in the world or purchased from a store if they’re available. Now there will be a handful of TMs players can create using items they find in the world, alongside their League Points, which will likely be acquired as players progress through the game.

The latest trailer also touches on players taking on Team Star, exploring the Legends journey, or challenging the Gym leaders of the Paldea region to take on Champion Road, much of which we’ve already seen in previous trailers.

This was the primary gameplay trailer we’ve been waiting to see from the Pokémon Company ahead of Scarlet and Violet’s official release on November 18 to the Nintendo Switch. Now that we have it, we can dive into it, and we’re eagerly awaiting our chance to dive into the Paldea region with our Pokémon team.