Sifu passes one million copies sold in just three weeks

Just think of all the aging.

Image via Sloclap

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Sifu has been quite well-received since launching three weeks ago, but it’s garnered more than just critical praise. It reached half a million players fairly quickly after launch, and that number has since doubled.

According to a new press release, the kung fu game has passed one million copies sold. It’s only been three weeks since launch, so congrats to developer Sloclap on achieving the feat so quickly. Some other interesting numbers were included with the news too. For example, over 150,000 of those one million players have managed to beat Yang the Leader, the game’s final boss. Some number have also managed to get the true ending, although the exact figure wasn’t given.

Another standout is that more than 45% of all players have managed to beat the game’s second level, The Club. You’ll notice that that’s not a majority — The Club has become something of a roadblock for many players. In line with its promise to deliver easier difficulty settings and accessibility options, Sloclap has since modified that level via an update.

Lastly, the total time spent among all players, regardless of their progress, is more than 10 million hours. If you feel like you’ve been spending hours in the game to no avail, good news — we’ve got plenty of guides to help you, from how to recover your health to which skills you should get first.