Sonic Frontiers is getting free Monster Hunter DLC for fans who gotta hunt fast

Armored Sonic looks sturdy.

Image via Sega

Sonic the Hedgehog is no stranger to donning a costume. He’s already rocked Link’s tunic in the Legend of Zelda crossover zone in Sonic Lost World. He even wore a full suit of armor in 2009’s Sonic and the Black Knight — and he’s about to get a Rathalos set in Sonic Frontiers.

As announced on Twitter, the Monster Hunter Collaboration Pack will release on November 14, just a few days after Sonic Frontiers’ debut. It will be completely free, which is always nice. Seeing as this is a Capcom collaboration, the Monster Hunter Twitter account shared the news with a cute piece of art.

The English-language Sonic account also shared the news with its own accompanying artwork. This tweet also specifies what time the Collaboration Pack will be available: it goes live at 8 PM ET / 5 PM PT on November 14.

For those who actually want to see what the armor looks like in-game, the Japanese Sonic account has you covered. There are two different armored looks for Sonic: one with no visor and one that covers his face and body a bit more thoroughly. We’re not sure how the open-fire cooking figures into Sonic Frontiers, but in any case, this is a great look for the blue blur. It’s only fitting after Sonic and Tails buddy armor was added to Monster Hunter: Rise last year.

This isn’t the only piece of cosmetic DLC that Sonic Frontiers is getting. Sonic Adventure 2’s classic SOAP shoes will also be free for fans. Sign up for the game’s newsletter, and you’ll get a code for the shoes on your platform of choice sometime after launch.

Speaking of which, Sonic Frontiers releases on November 8. The new adventure will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. If you’re looking to pick it up on PC, make sure you double-check the game’s minimum and recommended specifications.