Speedrunner beats Sons of the Forest in less than 10 minutes with little more than a stick

The only key you need.

Image via Endnight Games

Sons of the Forest has only been out in Early Access for a few days now, but of course players are already trying to break the game. Being in Early Access gives people free rein to search for clever ways to exploit game mechanics to their advantage. One speedrunner even managed to utilize a stick, the most common item in the game, to clip their way to a sub 10 minute speed run, triggering the ending in just over nine minutes.

Sons of the Forest is meant to be a fight for survival while the player solves puzzles and finds important items to uncover the mystery of this island wilderness. This player chose to disregard all of that gameplay and carve their own path to success.

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The speedrunner immediately bolts in the basic direction of the game’s underground bunker and caves that lead to the ending. Much of this involves climbing up terrain, and the player manages to dodge fall damage with clever use of the crafting book. When the book is equipped and opened, your character actually will gain sledding physics on downward slopes instead of falling to their death.

Once at the destination, the only thing required to reach the conclusion is clever use of a basic stick. Utilizing the stick at specific points in the facility will actually allow for clipping through walls and into areas normally inaccessible without exploring the island thoroughly. After that it’s just a quick trek through dark caves full of lava to reach the island’s secret mystery, and the game’s ending.

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Sons of the Forest will obviously be patched over early access to address these hilarious exploits, but for now it is the best time to explore off the beaten path and be unhinged with it.