Spider-Man is still coming to Marvel’s Avengers this year

Get me Spider-Man in Avengers!

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Image via PlayStation Studios

Marvel’s Avengers is already an enormous game, and with every update, it’s only getting bigger. The game’s upcoming expansion, War For Wakanda, will add a suite of new content and Black Panther as a playable character. However, the game is still missing some notable characters from Marvel’s roster of characters, and while it’s not clear when some of the comic franchise’s other characters will be added to the game, Spider-Man finally has a set release window.

Speaking to Gamepur editor Chris Compendio about War for Wakanda, Crystal Dynamics senior designer Scott Walters said that the web-slinger will thwip his way into Marvel’s Avengers by the end of 2021. According to Walters, Crystal Dynamics is “still working on Spider-Man — we’re planning to launch him in 2021. So it’s still on track.”

Of course, Spider-Man won’t be the last character to join the roster of heroes in Marvel’s Avengers. When speaking about other characters Crystal Dynamics would like to add to the game, Walters said “that list is gigantic. And, you know, we need to prioritize.”

Marvel’s Avengers War for Wakanda expansion is set to launch on August 17 and will bring the total story content to about 25 hours, also including new War Zone missions, new enemies, and a new outpost to explore. Our own feature and impressions of the first two story missions detail more of this.