Splatoon 3 fans are bitter that Flounder Heights appears to lack any height

Too tiny for me.

Image via Nintendo Twitter

A beloved stage from the first Splatoon game is making its return to Splatoon 3. Flounder Heights is a map that is set on an apartment complex and it featured multiple vantage points, both low and high, then it also had many inkable walls allowing for easy navigation. The map’s size and scale made it a fan-favorite — however, in its Splatoon 3 iteration, Flounder Heights has been scaled down and Splatoon fans are not happy about the change.

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Going by the video posted by the official Splatoon Twitter account, the tall structures that made Flounder Heights special have been taken away and replaced with smaller vantage points and multiple ramps leading up to them. There are also a distinct lack of inkable walls, which is because there are no longer any tall buildings to climb.

Fans have let their disappointment be known on places like Twitter and the Splatoon subreddit, where one thread talking about the updated Flounder Heights is titled “Look how they massacred my boy” and it shows an image of the stage from the first Splatoon compared to the iteration in Splatoon 3. While some have seen some of the positives of the new update, such as one community member mentioning that it now features more routes, everyone agrees that it’s not Flounder Heights.

Flounder Heights will be released alongside new content, like weapons and a brand new map called Brinewater Springs, on December 1. Players can also expect a new catalog to make its way into the game featuring new clothing and items for their locker. So if you haven’t completed the current catalog yet, you will want to do so before December 1.

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