Sprigatito’s final starter evolution has leaked for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet


Image via The Pokémon Company

At long last, Sprigatito’s full evolution line has finally been shown off. Pokémon fans have gotten early copies of Scarlet and Violet, and plenty of leaked images are making their way online. If you wish to go into the game as blind as possible, we recommend you not read further. Sprigatito is the grass cat starter for Scarlet and Violet, and its first evolution, Floragato, was already leaked earlier. Now Sprigatito’s final evolution, Meowscarada, has apparently been leaked.

Meowscarada is a magician-based, grass-type feline Pokémon that walks on two legs. Sprigatito evolving into a magic user has long been rumored and leaked by insiders beforehand, but the image is the first good look fans have at Sprigatito’s final evolution. Usually, when it comes to the evolved forms of the starter Pokémon, The Pokémon Company and Game Freak will share them before the release date, but this early leak should satiate fans at least a bit.

When the final trailer for Scarlet and Violet got released, none of the evolutions for the three starters were ever officially unveiled. The leaked images for Sprigatito’s and Fuecoco’s evolutions are the first time fans got to view those Pokémon before release. The reason none of the starters’ evolved forms were officially released is unknown, especially since players’ decision of which starter to pick is determined by how their final evolutions look. It’s possible The Pokémon Company has some other plan for a reveal ahead of the game’s launch.

Other leaked images shared online include new bug Pokémon, Lechonk’s evolved form, the new salt-based Pokémon, and Paldean Wooper’s evolved form, Clodsire. Like all leaks and rumors, it is best to take all these leaked images with a pinch of salt. Until Nintendo or The Pokémon Company officially announces anything, we can not confirm the validity of these images. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will launch on November 18 for the Nintendo Switch.