Street Fighter is about to Hadouken its way into Fortnite



Fortnite and Street Fighter appear to be on a collision course, with two characters making their way to Epic’s smash-hit battle royale game. The crossover seems to be rolling out the same way that recent additions like Kratos from Sony’s God of War and Master Chief from Microsoft’s Halo series.

The crossover was leaked by ShiinaBR, who posted images that will appear inside the portal when it goes live in the game. This season has seen the exposed Zero Point, a source of great power in the Fortnite universe, acting as a gateway to bring lots of characters from other worlds into the game. This has meant that the map is patrolled by the Mandalorian, and we have seen multiple different characters appear in the shop.

It would seem that the Street Fighter characters will end up in the shop rather than on the map as an NPC, however. According to the leaks, we will be getting one male and one female character. Who the characters could be is anyone’s guess, but our money is on Chun-Li and Ryu as the general faces of the franchise.

Because fans are bound to float this as a theory, it seems unlikely that these Street Fighter characters will end up being the mysterious Number 43 and Number 44 NPCs that are still to arrive for the Collections. Don’t get us wrong, it could happen. It would just be against the pattern that has been set this season.

The characters are expected to arrive in the Fortnite Item Shop over the next couple of days, so it seems we won’t have too long to wait. We are still hoping that one of the characters is Guile if only to check out his fair with RTX on.