Where are NPC 43 and 44 in Fortnite – are Lovely and Cuddle King locations available?

The great mystery.

Fortnite fans expected NPC 43 and 44, Cuddle King and Lovely, to appear in the game today. Unless they are very well hidden, they do not appear to have arrived yet, as we have been all over the map and haven’t found anything yet. Now, we might have missed something, but this is reasonably unlikely as the NPCs have a large radius for how close you need to be for them to appear, and the speech bubbles make them hard to miss.

It would seem that these two new NPCs will not be arriving in the game until the skins appear in the shop, which will be on February 14. While there is a challenge right now that involves Lovely; you don’t need to visit her to get it finished.

Cuddle King and Lovely will be joining all the other NPCs in the game and should have bounties and potentially even Exotic weapons available when they do appear. Remember, the 43 and 44 tabs are available in the Collections right now, but it still doesn’t appear that the NPCs are in the game just yet.

There are plenty of new challenges in the game this week that have a theme of love if you are looking for something to fill your time until the new NPCs arrive. We will continue searching and will update this guide if we find anything on the character’s locations. If we are correct, and they won’t show up until February 14, we will update this guide with their locations on the day.