New Suicide Squad, Gotham Knights domains found – Are new games on the way?

Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Montreal about to be revealed?

Batman WB Montreal Game Teased

New domains have been spotted on the Internet, and they seem to have been hinting at incoming projects from WB Games studios. ResetEra users have discovered multiple domains registered by Mark Monitor Inc., the same company that registered the official Warner Bros. domain. These domains are and, which are in line with rumors of a Suicide Squad game currently in development at Rocksteady.

Rocksteady has been linked to a game as a service title a couple of years ago, but since then, there has been no concrete evidence about its next project. The previous but less consistent rumors pointed the Batman Arkham creators were working on a Superman title, but that theory has long been debunked.

The domain has also been registered, and that seems to be involving the next Batman game from Warner Bros. Montreal. This title has been long rumored to be about the Batfamily, a series of characters around Batman at a time the Court of Owls would be after him, and to include extensive co-op features.

While these games have yet to be confirmed, it looks like they’re both aiming for multiplayer components and a reboot of the Arkhamverse. With DC Fandome on the horizon, as the event will include new WB Games announcements, likely, we’re finally seeing both of them revealed on Aug. 22.