Take shelter, boy — massive God of War Ragnarok leaks are here

A fate worse than Ragnarok.

Screenshot by Gamepur

God of War fans beware — massive spoilers for the upcoming God of War Ragnarok are hitting the internet harder than Fimbulwinter. For those who wish to remain fresh for when the game officially launches on November 9, you may want to be cautious about which sites you visit.

Players with early access to God of War Ragnarok are beginning to spread details, in video, screenshot, and text form, of many critical moments from the highly anticipated sequel over a week ahead of when everyone else can expect to play it. We won’t link to any of them here, but needless to say they are quite easy to find if you’re so inclined.

Santa Monica Studio has made an official statement regarding the leaks, stating that while they are doing everything they can to remove spoiler material online, they still advise people to mute keywords and hashtags related to Ragnarok to be safe.

Spoilers posted include general gameplay footage, boss fights, new weapons, and even character reveals. While many sites, such as Reddit and YouTube, are attempting to take down these leaked videos and images, it hasn’t stopped them from being reposted and shared by others.

This is hardly the first time a major title has been leaked early. Sony in particular has faced issues with this, with The Last of Us Part II being the victim of a particularly damaging story spoiler. While most fans realize the dangers of leaks only grow in the lead-up to a game’s release, and can adjust their online activities accordingly, many will still unintentionally have aspects of the game spoiled through no fault of their own.

No one enjoys being spoiled for a game they’re excited for, so hopefully the knowledge that leaks are already out there can help at least a few people stay safe and experience the game as is intended upon the official release. God of War Ragnarok will come to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on November 9, and features some of the best performance and graphical settings seen on the current-gen system.