God of War Ragnarok has four graphics modes, can get all the way up to 120 FPS

Lookin’ good, Kratos.

Image via PlayStation

Fimbulwinter draws near, and God of War Ragnarok is only a few weeks away. Previews are starting to hit the internet now, and thanks to those, we’ve learned new details about how the impending sequel performs.

God of War Ragnarok has four different graphics modes to choose from, depending on your preferences and what sort of TV you have. Favor Resolution Mode locks the game at 30 FPS with a 4K resolution. Favor Performance Mode locks the frame rate to 60, with less graphical fidelity. If you have a TV that supports an HDMI 2.1 connection, then you can also get into the higher-end options. Favor Resolution (High Frame Rate On) Mode brings the game back up to 4K resolution with a 40 FPS lock — an odd number for a frame rate, but still higher than the other mode’s 30. Finally, Favor Performance (High Frame Rate On) Mode targets 120 FPS. It might not always hit that frame rate, but it’ll look seriously smooth at any of those high or triple-digit stages.

In our own preview, we said that Ragnarok feels like the Terminator 2 of the series. The sequel aims to not just evolve its combat mechanics with new elemental attacks and the like, but also to deepen the relationships between Kratos, his son Atreus, and their severed head companion Mimir. Exploration in Ragnarok is also more open. That’s a good thing since the game will take players through all Nine Realms of Norse mythology.

It won’t be long until everyone gets a chance to play. God of War Ragnarok releases on November 9, and it’ll be available on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. It will be the second and final game in this particular God of War saga, though there was debate amongst the development team about turning it into a trilogy. At the very least, fans have plenty of ideas about seeing other gods after Ragnarok.