The DMR that terrorized Warzone players has been nerfed

The Warzone king has fallen.

The DMR 14 has been a scourge on the Warzone community. As a weapon that had no match in strength, it had become the gun that many players were struggling to fight against. However, in the most recent patch for Warzone, the DMR, along with other weapons that were cause for player outcry, have finally been nerfed.

Not only will the DMR 14 take a hit in damage and recoil, but the Type 63 Tactical Rifle, the Mac-10 SMG, and all dual wielded pistols.

This is a temporary victory for players who have suffered at the hands of these weapons. However, as all players in Warzone know, once this meta has been changed, there will be another to take over as the oppressive loadout, just as we have seen in the past with the Grau assault rifle, the Bruen MK9 LMG, and the universally hated Dragon’s Breath R9-0 Shotgun. 

These weapon nerfs are specific to Warzone and will not change the damage or recoil when it comes to Cold War multiplayer.