The Far Cry 6 content roadmap includes free and paid content, including Rambo and Stranger Things crossovers

Players now know what to expect beyond launch day.

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft has just revealed an extensive look at its post-launch content roadmap for Far Cry 6. In familiar fashion to recent Far Cry entries, Far Cry 6 will feature a mix of free updates and paid content with its season pass model.

Releasing on October 7 for PC and all current Xbox and PlayStation platforms, the season pass is included with the Gold, Ultimate, and Collector’s Editions of the game. Owners of the standard version are also able to buy the season pass separately. However, the standalone price has yet to be revealed.

Image via Ubisoft

We can say that the main meat of the season pass includes the three DLC episodes in which players assume control of the main antagonists of Far Cry 3, 4, and 5. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon: Classic Edition is also included with the Blood Dragon set, providing the following items for use in Far Cry 6:

  • The Blood Dragon Gear Set
  • The AJM9 and Kobracon Weapons
  • The Omega Enforcer Vehicle
  • The KillStar Weapon Charm
  • The K-9000 Fang for Hire
  • The Blood Dragon Chibi Vehicle

Beyond the paid content, Far Cry 6 is expected to receive free updates which include:

  • Weekly Insurgencies
    • These are basically assassination missions against specific targets which will attempt to grow prominent across Yara. Completing these nets new gear.
  • Six Special Operations
    • These missions promise to offer new gameplay mechanics taking place across six distinct locations separate from the main campaign. Two of the six maps will be available at launch.
  • Three Crossover Missions featuring Rambo, Danny Trejo, and Stranger Things characters