The name of Destiny 2’s next raid has leaked, and it’s sure to haunt Guardians in Lightfall

Is your day one team ready?

Image via Bungie

The servers are down for Destiny 2 as Bungie prepares to launch Lightfall, where players will embark on a journey across Neptune and unlock the power of a new Darkness ability, Strand. One thing many players are looking forward to is the arrival of the next raid, set to release on March 10, with a 48-hour contest mode. The name and artwork for this raid have been leaked, and it surely will haunt the dreams of every Guardian who dares to set foot in it.

This leak has been shared on the Destiny 2 Reddit board, where many players who have access to the Lightfall PC files can pour through the information for enticing nuggets. Supposedly, the six-player raid will be called Root of Nightmares, and Guardians will need to make their way onto the terraformed Pyramid Ship that the Witness created to battle against an ancient threat that has been growing within it.

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Hours after the leak made its way onto Reddit, Destiny 2 team officially tweeted out this information, confirming it will be called The Root of Nightmares. It will launch on March 10 at 9 AM PST. Contest mode will be enabled for 48 hours.

We don’t have any idea of the type of encounters or mechanics players are going to face when the Root of Nightmares releases, but players can expect to earn similarly unique rewards from the Vow of the Disciple raid for The Witch Queen. We won’t be able to confirm if this information is true until Lightfall launches tomorrow and Bungie begins to discuss the upcoming raid. This will likely happen closer to the end of the week when the weekly This Week at Bungie post comes out.

Ahead of the official release tomorrow, the Destiny 2 Lightfall patch notes have arrived. It briefly covers the changes to loadouts, exotics, armor mods, and more. It’s an intense read but critical for every player who wants to be ready for their first day on Neptune.

On top of these leaks, several cutscenes and plot points from this upcoming campaign are also being shared. We’d advise all Destiny 2 players who want to be surprised on day one to avoid social media until they’ve worked their way through it.

Destiny 2 should be online starting February 28 at 12 PM ET, but players should expect to encounter heavy queues and connection issues as everyone attempts to jump into Lightfall.