The Naughty Bear Dead By Daylight Skin Is Converting Diehard Trapper Haters

The Naughty Bear skin is drawing in Killer players who don’t even like The Trapper in Dead by Daylight, theyjust love his new look.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Dead by Daylight’s The Trapper Killer recently received one of the most iconic and silly skins in the game, Naughty Bear. Despite how ridiculous and niche this character is, players can’t seem to help but buy it and are using it every chance they get.

The Naughty Bear Skin for The Trapper in Dead by Daylight is a throwback to the Naughty Bear series of games that developer Behaviour Interactive released back in 2010. While the skin is ridiculous, it’s also the first to come with a unique Mori, making it the first Visceral Rare cosmetic in Dead by Daylight. A mere 24 hours after its release, even players who despise The Trapper are using the Killer because they’ve purchased the skin and don’t want to waste it.

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Even Dead by Daylight Players Who Hate The Trapper Are Using it For The Naughty Bear Skin

The Trapper Naughty Bear skin is one of the most impressive to hit Dead by Daylight in years. We weren’t sure how many players would jump into the game and buy it yesterday. However, having played a few Trials already today, we can safely say that most players seem to have not only purchased it but are using it as much as possible.

Even players who don’t like The Trapper, the Killer this skin is available for, are using them because they want to use this skin. It’s so different from other premium cosmetics in Dead by Daylight because it has its own Mori, a brutal kill animation that only Naughty Bear can perform.

While some players are using the skin and haunting Survivors as they attempt to repair generators and escape, others are taking the concept of Naughty Bear to the next level. The Naughty Bear games revolve around the titular character, who is excluded from all teddy bear activities, so he goes on murderous rampages, stabbing the stuffing out of his fellow bears.

@SeanzuTV shared a video where they performed Naughty Bear’s Mori before a hooked Survivor. It’s the ultimate taunt because the hooked Survivor will be getting closer to escaping thanks to Dead by Daylight’s September and October updates. But that didn’t stop the Killer from stabbing and slamming a Survivor’s head into a bear trap right before their eyes as they struggle.

We’ve not seen Dead by Daylight players act with this level of violence in a long time. In a counterintuitive way, it’s nice to see because it’s encouraging more people to log in and play as Killers. Often, there’s a lack of Killers when we play the game, but right now, there’s such an abundance that Survivors are the minority.