How to Get the Naughty Bear Trapper Skin in Dead by Daylight

Behaviour Interactive has revealed the Dead by Daylight Naughty Bear Trapper skin, but it won’t just be handed to players.

Image via Behaviour Interactive YouTube

Dead by Daylight has some incredible deals with well-known franchises to bring the most brutal Killers from the horror genre into the game. Now, one of the meanest murderers of all is part of the game, the terrifying Naughty Bear.

Behaviour Interactive is famous now as Dead by Daylight’s developer, but in 2010, it released a game called Naughty Bear. The star of that game is coming to the asymmetrical horror title in full force, featuring one of the most brutal Mori’s in the entire game. However, it’s not something that will just be handed to players or even its own character. It’s a skin for The Trapper. Here is what you need to know about the Naughty Bear Trapper Skin in Dead by Daylight.

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How to Get the Naughty Bear Trapper Skin in Dead by Daylight

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At the time of writing, the Naughty Bear Trapper skin isn’t available in Dead by Daylight. Behaviour Interactive revealed that the skin would be added to the game around Halloween, so most fans are expecting it to drop on October 31, 2023.

The Naughty Bear Trapper skin in Dead by Daylight costs 1,950 Auric Cells. This requires players to spend real cash on Auric Cells for the skin, though we expect it to sell well because it’s very popular. This is slightly more than the skins for the most recently added Killer, The Xenomorph, but considering how excited the community is for it, we’re not surprised.

This is roughly $10/£10, but due to the way Auric Cell Packs are sold, players will need to spend around $20/£16. Regardless of the price, players will net themselves the Lethal Lollipop weapon for The Legion Killer if they buy any Auric Cell Packs, which is a fantastic added bonus.

How to Get the Naughty Bear Trapper Skin Mori

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To get the Naughty Bear Trapper skin Mori in Dead by Daylight, players first need to own the Naughty Bear Trapper skin. Then, they need to spend as much money as they can on The Trapper’s Bloodweb until they unlock Mori Offerings. This requires a lot of Bloodpoints, so players will need to play a lot of Trials and use codes to help them get Moris faster.

After players have acquired a Mori, they can use the Offering in a Trial and, hopefully, get to use it. The best Mori’s are Ultra Rare, allowing players to use a Mori on every Survivor once they’ve gotten them into the second hook state.

What is the Naughty Bear Trapper Skin Mori

The Naughty Bear Trapper Skin was leaked early in 2023, but Behaviour Interactive not only revealed it during its Haunted by Daylight livestream, but they also demoed the skin’s Mori. This is one of the most ridiculously visceral Mori’s in the game, especially because it uses the original Naughty Bair narrator voice to disguise how awful the things happening are. That’s why it requires its own rarity level.

What is Visceral Rarity in Dead by Daylight

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Visceral Rarity is one of the highest levels of rarity in Dead by Daylight. It’s used only for Killer skins and outfits that have a Mori associated with them. That’s why the Naughty Bear Trapper skin is a Visceral Rare skin, because it’s got a unique Mori that only this skin can trigger.

We believe the closest thing to Visceral Rarity is branded skins that are part of one-time deals between Behaviour Interactive and other companies. The best examples of the closest types of skin are The Mordeo and The Look-See skins from The Crypt TV crossover.

What is Naughty Bear

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Naughty Bear was released in 2010 for PS3 and Xbox 360. It stars a murderous teddy bear in a world full of cutesy toy bears that spend their time having parties and being sickly sweet. Naughty Bear is rejected because he’s not like the other bears, and the scars all over him give fans a pretty good idea of why.

In the game, players take on the role of Naughty Bear as he seeks revenge on his felly teddy bears by hunting them down in the most brutal ways possible and doing so much more than beating the stuffing out of them.

We had a great time with this game when it was first released, but it didn’t get the best reception from reviewers. Players were rewarded for the heinous acts they committed, and it felt like the games industry wasn’t quite ready for that level of brutality, even though it now relishes it in Dead by Daylight. While only physical copies of the original game are still available, it’s possible to buy the spin-off sequel, Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise, on the Microsoft Store.