The Skull Merchant’s drones are watching you in Dead by Daylight Tools of Torment

Keep your eyes on the sky.


Screenshot via Dead by Daylight’s YouTube channel

Behaviour Interactive has finally revealed the next Chapter for Dead by Daylight. Tools of Torment brings with it not one but two new Survivors. Of course, the real highlight of this Chapter is the new Killer, The Skull Merchant,

Tools of Torment was teased last week with nothing but a short video of a skull with mechanical eyes in it. Today, the new Killer and Survivors in the Chapter have been revealed alongside all the updates coming to Dead by Daylight when it’s released on March 7.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

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The Skull Merchant is Dead by Daylight’s first original female Killer. She kills in her spare time when she isn’t sucking the life out of companies in her high-powered business day job. Her skills lie in hunting Survivors down with her Eye in the Sky ability. This allows her to release and position four drones around the map to track any Survivors who enter their detection range.

The two new Survivors in this Chapter are Thalita and Renato Lyra. The first sibling Survivors to come to Dead by Daylight. Their qualities, the opposite of The Skull Merchant’s, are built around teamwork, which should aid players that work with others in each Trial.

As if three new characters weren’t enough, Tools of Torment also brings a new map to the game. The Hunting Camp is a collection of shipping containers dumped into The MacMillan Estate. This is where The Skull Merchant builds her drones out of her victim’s skulls, transforming what should be familiar territory to many players.

The Tools of Torment Chapter should be live now on the Dead by Daylight PTB. This is where players on PC can experience The Skull Merchant’s abilities, including drones, and the advantages the two new Survivors bring to the game with their perks. The Chapter will also implement a number of quality-of-life changes that players have been asking for, including map repeat prevention measures and visual updates to old maps. You can read all about the upcoming Chapter’s new perks and details in its official patch notes.