Dead by Daylight’s Tools of Torment Chapter gets a gut-wrenching teaser and reveal date

The new Killer appears to be cybernetically enhanced.


Image via Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive has released a teaser trailer for the game’s next Chapter. Named Tools of Torment, the teaser seems to hint at a cybernetically-enhanced Killer who may augment themselves as matches progress.

The teaser trailer for Dead by Daylight Tools of Torment shows a skull with wires sticking out of it and a couple of red lights that could be cybernetic eyes. There are tools dotted around the skull on a table, with loud whirring heard in the background. A blueprint for something technical also sits off to the right. While it’s hard to read too much into such as short video, it does all seem to point to a cybernetic Killer, not unlike the T-1000 from the Terminator franchise.

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The trailer ends with a date for the full reveal of the next Chapter coming to Dead by Daylight. That reveal livestream will take place on February 15. Soon after the reveal, the new Killer will likely be added to the Public Test Build (PTB) for a few weeks ahead of the Chapter’s full release in the game for all players. According to the most recent Dead by Daylight content roadmap, the next Chapter is due to be released in March. The Chapter will add a new Killer and Survivor, but it’s not known if it’ll also add a new map. This will be the final new Chapter the game receives before its eighth Anniversary.

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New Chapter teasers are always cryptic for Dead by Daylight. One thing we do know, though, is that the game doesn’t currently have a cybernetically-enhanced Killer. This seems to hint that Tools of Torment will add an original Killer, but there’s potential for it to be another franchise tie-in. The red eyes and skull imagery are reminiscent of the Terminator franchise, but the blueprints at the start of the teaser show a cybernetic brain, a meld between human flesh and machine parts. If this is a franchise tie-in, it could be a more obscure one we’re not aware of, but it’s far more likely the developers were inspired by horror stories and body horror movies like Virus (1999) when making an original creation. No leaks have been posted at the time of writing that show what this Killer is or who the associated Survivor is.