Unsurprisingly, Ricardo Milos has already danced his way into Hogwarts Legacy portraits via mod

Dance like a butterfly.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Someone looked at the many portraits in the musical corridor of the castle in Hogwarts Legacy and thought something was missing. There is a treasure trove of options to put in these pictures, so why has Hogwarts chosen some boring nameless people? Well, this person sat there, contemplated, and decided to do something about it. But what would the masses want? What could possibly perfect the halls of Hogwarts? This modder came to the conclusion that only one possible thing could bring shock and awe enough to work, and inserted the Ricardo Milos Dance meme into every portrait in the musical corridor in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Strange Portraits mod places the Brazilian dancer that just won’t quit into almost all of the paintings in this specific hallway in Hogwarts Castle. A preview video is available from the developer, Ichiban Animations. Many thought this meme to have sailed off into the sunset, but it is back, and it has just enough power to charm even the most cultured of wizards and witches.

This mod only replaces the visuals of the game. Each portrait will definitely dance like a butterfly, but sadly the music featured in the preview video does not actually immerse you into the dancing embrace of Ricardo in the game. Though you are free to turn off the game’s music and just fire up a song of your own. There is no judgment here.

The Ricardo Dance meme rose to fame quite some time ago but has resurfaced and thrived due to TikTok and Twitch. Passing through these halls with the mod installed will definitely cause your character to do the Ricardo Flick in the direction of the paintings.

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Hogwarts Legacy mods have found their way into the game like a troll in a dungeon. Several hilarious creations have been made, including a mod to turn your broom into Shrek, or even Thomas the Tank Engine. There is even an addon to use a trans flag design on your scarf in defiance of the controversial author of the Harry Potter franchise.