Xbox and Bethesda will have a direct this month, but won’t have the game you want the most

Thank you Xbox Game Pass subscribers, but Starfield is another Direct.

Image via Bethesda Twitter

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The rumored Xbox and Bethesda showcase has officially been announced by Microsoft, but it’s missing the latter’s most anticipated game, as Starfield won’t be present at the showcase. Instead, the Xbox and Bethesda Developer_Direct will be focusing on different Xbox Game Studios titles that will be coming to Xbox, PC, and Game Pass over the next few months.

Fans have been expecting Microsoft to have a big presentation for its upcoming 2023 projects, especially as there are currently only three games confirmed for Xbox Game Pass in January. The rumors regarding an Xbox and Bethesda showcase in January were true, and the official Xbox website shared the official dates and times of January 25 at 12 PM PT/3 PM ET. You can watch Developer_Direct on the official Xbox YouTube and Twitch pages, as well as the official Bethesda YouTube and Twitch channels.

This Developer_Direct presentation will feature announcements regarding games like The Elder Scrolls Online, Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends, and Redfall. The event will be followed by a dedicated ESO Chapter Reveal Event, which will include an in-depth look at the new content coming to The Elder Scrolls Online. Fans will surely be eager for news regarding Xbox and PC Game Pass, especially any shadow drops, as the upcoming selection of games in January is so small. The Activision Blizzard—Xbox Game Studios merger is also ongoing, so there likely won’t be any announcements from that company at the show.

Microsoft has confirmed that Starfield will not be present during the Developer_Direct, as it will have its own dedicated event later in the year. This might be disappointing to some, but it makes sense for Microsoft to want to give such a big game its own time in the spotlight and to prevent it from overshadowing other games that are coming out this year. Starfield is going to be Xbox Game Studios’ biggest title of the year and both Microsoft and Bethesda will be revving up the promotional machine for the game when it’s closer to its release date.