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Destiny 2’s upcoming Strand ability icons and UI leak ahead of Lightfall launch

Get a peek behind the curtain at Strand.

We’re less than a month away from Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion, where Guardians will take to Neptune to defend the planet from The Witness and Calus’ assault. Bungie has shared that during the Lightfall campaign, players will unlock a new Darkness-based ability for their Guardians called Strand, unlocking another element and several new traversal abilities. Before Lightfall has officially released, the Strand ability icons and UI reportedly leaked and are now being passed around by eager Destiny 2 fans.

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The images are being shared on the Destiny 2 subreddit, and they come from the D2 Leaks Discord server. The leaks show off a variety of upcoming Strand-based icons and several background menu screens while players are on the loading screens while viewing the ability on their Guardian. These leaks come out during a massive week for Bungie, as the studio has already shown off some of the upcoming exotic gear set to drop when Lightfall arrives.

Of the loading screens, the Titan screen looks the most basic. It features the player’s Titan extending their fist out, glowing in Strand energy, whereas the Hunter character holds what appears to be a Strand grappling hook, and the Warlock is channeling Strand energy in their palm. Many fans have said that the Warlock Strand animation is unsettling, and some refer to it as a beating heart.

The icons are a good teaser for what Destiny 2 players can expect to encounter when the expansion launches on February 28, with preloading happening a day before. Because these icons do not have any context, fans have gone over previous videos to try connecting the dots, trying to work out what abilities Bungie has in store for them when Strand becomes a reality. For example, some players believe the Hunter ability could feature a grappling hook that drags enemies closer to them.

The last icon in the leaked list features a horn, with many fans scratching their heads as to what exactly this means, with many speculating it could be an aspect. The only one this could fit with might be the Titan class. We know it will be referred to as the “berserker,” and what would a proper berserker be without a battle horn to lead them into a fight?

For now, we’re left to speculate. Bungie might reveal more of these details leading up to the release of Lightfall, but we’ll need to wait until we can get our hands on the upcoming expansion to know where these icons and potential aspects fit into the gameplay.

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