Elden Ring player gets inside Limgrave Coliseum, could be a future PvP area

Is the open-world game getting even more content?

Screenshot of Elden Ring featuring Tarnished and Blaidd

Screenshot by Gamepur

Elden Ring is FromSoftware at its beautiful, brilliant best, and it’s a simply massive game. Even a game of this scale has out-of-bounds areas though, and one of them is the strange coliseum found in the northeast corner of the opening area, Limgrave. Its doors are sealed shut, and a nearby NPC begs for them to be opened. The coliseum is inaccessible in the regular game, but that hasn’t stopped at least one player from peeking inside.

YouTube Lance McDonald is known for unearthing cut content in FromSoftware’s games, and a new video from the sleuth gives us a tour of Limgrave’s mysterious stadium. The area isn’t complete — there’s no skybox, for example — but you can still see a lot of the architecture. Lifts carry competitors up to the battle arena, which is surrounded by stadium seating. As McDonald’s video title suggests, this area could be a part of future DLC for Elden Ring, perhaps focused on PvP content. Invasions and multiplayer covenants have been staples of Soulsborne games, although the latter are absent in the latest one.

Of course, there is already an incredible amount of content in Elden Ring. In fact, if you own the PC version, then you can grab the new photo mode mod and start snapping shots of all the areas the game has to offer. The coliseum might be closed, but there’s still plenty to see and snap.