Top 10 Best Returning Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet The Teal Mask

If you’re making your team from scratch, keep a look out for these Pokemon when picking up Scarlet & Violet’s The Teal Mask DLC.

Whether you want a team of old favorites or an all-new cast of Pokemon characters, one important element of choosing your team is what Pokemon are hanging out around in the area. All kinds of Pokemon are coming back to the Pokedex for the Teal Mask, making for some interesting team combinations down the line. We have a top ten selection for which Pokemon are coming back, ranked by importance in team versatility and all-around usefulness.

10. Ninetails

Ninetails is a classic Pokemon that should have been here from the start. If you didn’t use Ninetails in Generation 4, now’s your chance. As one of the few Fire-types available in the DLC, having a Vulpix on the team isn’t a bad choice at all. Ninetails has an amazing Special Attack stat, and a move pool so vast that you can easily use it for competitive play later on down the line if you so desire. And with a rural setting that focuses so much on urban storytelling, a Ninetails helps perfectly set the picture of mystery and beauty on a team.

9. Politoed

The alternate evolution for Poliwhirl, this green froggy Pokemon is both a cute addition to the team and a threat to take seriously in a battle. With such robust defensive stats and impressive HP, this stalwart Pokemon has the stats to become a stall or an anchor for your team; it all just depends on how you spin it. While it isn’t as infamous as something like Jellicent or other typical walls that you see on a competitive team, nothing stops this cute one from filling the role. Plus, it’s way cuter than any other wall you’ll see out there.

8. Mightyena

You’ll notice that one of the first trainers you fight uses a Poochyena. Well, if you happen to want one of those on your team, the evolution for the Pokemon is far better. Carmine starts out with just Poochyena, but it’ll no doubt grow into its more mature, Attack-stat heavy beast that it’s been known to be since Gen 3. While it might be a little outclassed by Pokemon like Absol, that doesn’t make it impossible or even inconvenient to use. It has plenty of versatility concerning its move pool, so you shouldn’t have trouble even in the late game with this one.

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7. Yanmega

This speed demon of a Pokemon is a giant bug that looks like it just came out of a demon realm to fight. Thanks to precise moves, a robust Speed stat, and Tinted Lens as an ability, Yanmega is a force to be reckoned with in any Pokemon game – and in competitive play as well. You see the previous evolution of the Pokemon, Yanma, right at the start of the game, so he can be an early catch if you want to start off fresh with a brand-new team.

6. Milotic

What would the prettiest Pokemon be if not Milotic? As one of the shiniest scaley Water Pokemon out there, Milotic is a great addition to the dex brought upon by the DLC. This large Pokemon is a great addition to any team with a mighty Special Attack and decent defenses. The move pool for Milotic is also great, with Water Pulse for confusion and great utility moves like Recover to back them up during a pinch.

5. Snorlax

Where would we be without Snorlax? Certainly not sleeping as well. The gigantic sleeping giant can be found in the DLC and makes for a great wall all around. His robust HP can stand up to Carmine, or anyone else you happen to fight as you make your way through the DLC. His only notable weakness is his typing, but it’s rare to have a Snorlax who doesn’t know how to take punishment.

4. Furret

Kieran has a Furret in the DLC, and for good reason. It has access to a wide variety of moves, all outside of its stat pool. If you plan on taking your Furret to competitive play, Terrastilization can certainly help make up for the STAB difference there. Even without the gimmick, Furret can be a deadly foe to face, with enough Attack to pull its weight and a hefty dose of Speed in its stats to make for a decent glass cannon.

3. Conkeldurr

Unova’s fighting-type rockstar, the concrete-wielding Conkeldurr doesn’t feel out of place in a place like Kitakami. There are plenty of other big and fighting-type Pokemon around, making Conkeldurr an apex among them. Its Attack and Defenses are both plenty solid, and with moves like Drain Punch at its disposal, it can stay upright even if it meets a type disadvantage while on the battlefield.

2. Trevenant

We know you tire of Grass/Ghost-types, but this haunted tree was among the first to arrive, and therefore one of the best. Don’t be fooled by its appearance: it’s actually a speedy Attacking kind of Pokemon in the competitive game! Emphasis on attacking before you get attacked is key with this haunting Pokemon, and with moves like Wood Hammer, that shouldn’t be too hard of a problem.

1. Kommo-o

Kommo-o is one of the great pseudo dragons of past generations, making it automatically a force to be reckoned with in any kind of battle. If you want to play the DLC through with this Pokemon, you won’t have a hard time progressing due to the Special Attack on the beast. However, finding it will be a little tougher.