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Remnant 2 08.15.23 Patch Notes – Major Nerfs, Armor Update, Scrap Increase

Remnant 2's Xbox and PlayStation Patch Notes bring a treasure trove of changes to the looter-shooter.

Remnant 2’s latest updates brings a wealth of changes to the Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game, each with their own specific problems that needed to be addressed. Performance fixes, increased Scrap, and a ton of balancing changes lead the way here, with Gunfire Games promising that even bigger updates will be coming down the line.

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Experienced players will doubtlessly know that Remnant 2 isn’t the kind of game that you put away after the first playthrough, and the developers dropped a hint about making long-term grinding a more rewarding experience for those who want to stick around and experience everything on offer.

Remnant 2 08.15.23 Patch Notes Overview

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For Xbox players, Gunfire doubled down on making it easier to experiment with different builds, highlighting an increase in Scrap as well as making it easier to Respec. They claim there’s still work to be done in this area, but for now, they wanted to encourage more of this instead of holding onto one precious build due to inordinate costs.

There were also a handful of changes to weapons and Archetypes, with both Enigma and Nightfall seeing significant nerfs. These two were becoming clear favorites, but should fall closer in line with your other options now instead of being overtuned.

On the PlayStation side, it was mostly balance changes and a number of adjustments to Armor intended to make lower-level protection a little more important.

Remnant 2 08.15.23 Xbox Patch Notes

Xbox Players: Thank you so much again for your patience for waiting for this patch that we promised! The team has been hard at work addressing issues that many of you have raised via our socials as well as our Discord, Reddit, or Steam forums. This is the first major update intended to address many of the bigger issues right now, but there will be more updates to come – including an additional update we’re planning to release later this week that will address balance changes, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements.

Check out the detailed notes below and thank you all!

Build Number:

–Performance and Crashes– 

  • Initial optimizations to improve overall performance.  
  • Updates to improve hitching and potential crashes. 
  • Fixed multiple reported crash bugs.

–Quality of Life– 

QOL OVERVIEW: While we still have quite a few things we are working on regarding Traits and long-term grinding (for those that wish to partake), we wanted to make a few changes in this patch to ensure players had more freedom to experiment. Players should find it much easier to Respec and they should also end up with more Scrap overall. We aren’t done here by any means, and these are not the larger changes we’ve mentioned on Discord and Reddit, but in the short term, they should help to ease the burden or reconfiguring your build and experimenting with different options. 

  • Increased Trait Cap by +5. 
  • Tome of Knowledge now grants Scrap and EXP when the player has reached Trait Cap. 
  • Orb of Undoing now has unlimited uses. Players can sell any extras for Scrap. 
  • Removed the Trait Requirement for equipping a second Archetype. Players may now slot their second Archetype as soon as they obtain / convert another Engram at Wallace. 
  • Removed the Scrap Cost for converting a Mysterious Item into an Engram (1000 to 0). 
  • Lowered the Lumenite Cost for converting a Mysterious Item into an Engram (10 to 5). 
  • Slightly Increased Scrap Gain from Breakables. 
  • Increased Scrap Gain from Regular and Rare Chests. 
  • Increased Scrap Gain when killing Aberrations. 
  • Reduced the cost of Bloodroot.



[ Archetypes ] 

Explorer Archetype 

  • Increased the duration of Explorer’s Scavenger Buff per pickup from 15s to 20s. 
  • Increased the duration of Explorer’s Gold Digger Buffs from 15s to 20s. 
  • Increased the healing amount of Gold Digger Healing Fountain from 1.5 to 2.0 HP per second. 

DEV NOTE: We wanted to make sure Explorer could maintain Scavenger longer between fights and give them more freedom while Gold Digger Fountains were active. We increased the durations by 5s each and boosted the Healing Fountain to be more enticing. 

Archon Archetype 

  • Increased Archon Havoc Form Lighting Hands damage from 28 to 56. 
  • Increased Archon Havoc Form Blink damage from 100 to 150. 
  • Reduced Archon Havoc Form Cooldown from 120s to 90s. 

DEV NOTE: These changes are in response to bug fix that allowed Havoc Form Lighting Hands to deal ridiculous damage. We made some overall adjustments to compensate. 

Challenger Archetype 

  • Adjusted the damage falloff for Challenger’s Close Quarters perk. At maximum range, Challenger will always maintain a 10% damage bonus to All Damage. 

Handler Archetype 

  • Increased the Handler’s Pack Hunter Range from 25m to 40m. 
  • Increased the Base Max Health of Handler’s Very Good Boy Companion. 

Summoner Archetype 

  • Increased the Base Max Health of Summoner’s Hollow and Flyer Variants. 


[ Weapons ]  

  • Switched Aphelion scaling to Boss/Special Damage Scaling instead of Standard. 
  • Increased the Fire Damage for Shatterstar (Savior Mod). 
  • Reduced the Fire Rate on Nightfall in Standard and Dreadwalker Fire Modes. 

DEV NOTE: Nightfall was dealing far more damage than other weapons in both modes (almost 20% more w/ Dreadwalker active compared to other guns with their Mod active). When considering damage and the Mod ability (harder to hit, life siphon, and fire rate), it was pushing Nightfall too far above every other Long Gun. It now sits closer in line with other high-damage weapons. 

  • Reduced the AOE Burst Damage of Enigma’s Overload Application from 40 to 30. 
  • Reduced the Subsequent Tether Damage of Enigma Primary Fire from 75% to 65%. 
  • Reduced the Magazine Capacity of Enigma from 30 to 25. 
  • Increased the total Reserve Capacity of Enigma from 120 to 125. 

DEV NOTE: Enigma was performing too far above our goal for AOE clear, so a few adjustments were made. There is still an issue with it ignoring Armor which will be addressed in the future. However, when that happens, we will reevaluate the numbers. 

[ Enemies ] 

  • Reduced damage on Nightweaver’s grab attacks (Wall and Lunge). 
  • Adjusted the hitbox of Magister Dullain’s tongue attack to better match the visuals.  


[ Multiplayer ] 

  • Reduced incoming damage in Multiplayer from 25% per additional player to 15% per player. 

–Bug Fixes–

[ Progression & Rewards ] 

  • Fixed multiple reported crash bugs and instability issues. 
  • Progression Blocker: Fixed an issue that prevented players from completing tutorial if a crash happened when interacting with Ford. 
  • Progression Blocker: Fixed infinite loading screen issue present for some players when selecting “Skip Tutorial” on character creation screen. 
  • Progression Blocker: Fixed an issue with Plasma Cutter preventing the Final Boss from transitioning into its second phase. 
  • Progression Blocker: Fixed Tal’Ratha boss fight lockout if game was exited during cutscene dialogue. 
  • Progression Blocker: Fixed the Astropath boss fight failing start if game was exited during cutscenes. 
  • Addressed issue with Trait points going negative. Negative Trait points have been flipped to positive. This will also fix issues with the Second Archetype being locked out. 
  • Addressed issue player’s not receiving trophies in multiplayer games.  

DEV NOTE: This will not retroactively reward ones that should have been previously unlocked. In future patches we will look into attempting to retroactively award as many as we can, however some will likely not be able to be awarded this way and will need to be reacquired. 

  • Players who completed Oracle’s quilt will now receive Half Quilt award as well as Full Quit Reward if they had not previously received it.
  • Fixed an issue where scripted deaths from the Bone Harvester, Empress Guards, and Red Prince caused actual deaths and ended Hardcore runs.
  • Fixed an issue with Weapons not unlocking after Hardcore playthrough.  

DEV NOTE: Unfortunately, hardcore awards will not be retroactively awarded for previous completions of Hardcore mode. 

  • Fixed an issue with Weapons not unlocking after completing playthroughs at different difficulties.  

DEV NOTE: Unfortunately, difficulty-based rewards will not be retroactively awarded for previous completions of the game. 

  • Players who listened to all Mudtooth’s stories but did not receive all of the rewards can visit Mudtooth to receive their rewards. Players who did not receive the Iron Cylinder (Gunslinger’s Engram) from listening to all his stories will now find it in his store. 
  • Fixed an issue preventing Explorer and Archon Armor from appearing on the vendor. Players will need to first convert the appropriate Mysterious Item into an Engram at Wally 
  • Fixed an issue preventing Mudtooth’s Elixir from appearing in his inventory. After completing the game, players will need to first unlock Explorer (Golden Compass) at Wallace. 
  • Fixed issues where Clementine would stand in random locations in Ward 13 after the cutscene in Blackened Citadel. 
  • Fix for trophy when meeting the Flautist if co-op player was spectating at the time where the Flautist was met. 
  • Fixed an issue preventing Revivalist Trait from being awarded. It should now be rewarded after reviving another player 15x. 


[ Archetypes ] 

  • Fixed an issue with Archon’s Havoc Form Lighting Hands. Casting Speed now properly ramps up the Lighting Hand without going infinite. 
  • Fixed an issue causing Hunter’s Focus not granting the proper Weakspot Damage Bonus 
  • Fixed an issue causing Hunter’s Shroud granting multiplicative damage bonus 
  • Fixed an issue causing Invader Perk S.H.A.R.K. to not apply its damage bonuses 
  • Fixed an issue with Gunslinger’s Bulletstorm Sound not terminating. 
  • Fixed a bug allowing Male Engineer to ignore falling transition when Overclocking. 


[ Gear / Items ] 

  • Fixed VFX alignment for Nebula and Hellfire primary fire. 
  • Fixed an issue preventing Plasma Cutter from dealing the correct damage type to certain enemies. 
  • Fixed an issue causing Shieldbreaker Mutator to not grant the correct amount of shield. 
  • Nightfall Mod visual effects terminate correctly now. 
  • Fixed an issue allowing Dreamcatcher to trigger Dreamwave before it was properly earned. 
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Crystal Heart from stacking with itself. 
  • Fixed an issue causing Ring of Flawless Beauty not granting the proper Weakspot Damage Bonus .
  • Fixed issue with Anastasija’s Inspiration causing infinite damage stacking on Summoner’s Minion. 
  • Fixed an issue preventing some Boss & Special Melee Weapons from receiving proper scaling.  
  • Fixed an issue preventing Godsplitter from triggering “Was this supposed to happen?” trophy.
  • Fixed an issue allowing Severed Hand to be spawned repeatedly.


[ Enemies ] 

  • Fixed issue with Primogenitor health bar incorrectly tracking and causing players to become stuck. 
  • Fixed issue with Root Knight’s puddle projectile dealing damage on hit. 
  • Fixed issue with Nightweaver projectiles homing in on player incorrectly. 
  • E.D. Alpha (Aberration) in Tower of the Unseen now respawns after player dies and re-enters the aberration room area. 
  • Fixed issue with Block Ruin (Labyrinth Enemy) sound effects 
  • Fixed issue where players could defeat the Gwendil: The Unburnt without taking any damage by standing on the stairs under the wooden bridge 
  • Fixed issue where killing the Many Faces (Corruptor World Boss Golem) when it’s jumping between platforms would cause it to fall off world in The Great Bole. 


[ Misc Fixes ]  

  • Fixed multiple location on final level where player could get out of bounds of the level. 
  • Fixed issue with player’s not receiving fall damage by holding throwable consumables or melee weapons in throwing position. 
  • Fixed collision issue causing players to get trapped along some edges in Morrow Sanatorium. 
  • Fixed issue when using certain melee weapons, the character’s face distorted 
  • Fixed issue where Player could be locked out of Postulant’s Parlor when application was closed after playing the board game. 
  • Fixed issue where Player was unable to open door to Sentinel’s Keep when exiting game while inputting the Seeker’s Key last acquired first in N’Erud 
  • Fixed an issue where players were trapped when attempting to vault through a wall in Cotton’s Kiln. 
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to skip siege fight in Tiller’s Rest. 
  • Fixed an issue with player’s falling into gap between boat and wall in Tiller’s Rest  
  • Fixed floating doors in Cathedral of Omens. 
  • Fixed an issue in The Great Hall that allowed repeated EXP rewards during Feastmaster’s event. 
  • Fixed multiple scenarios that allowed players to transition through walls using interactives. 
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to get stuck in Throw Animation in certain situations. 
  • Adjusted the kill volume height in the Custodian Eye arena.

Remnant 2 08.15.2023 PlayStation Patch Notes

PS5 Players: Thanks so much for your patience waiting for this patch! This patch addresses balance changes, bug fixes, quality of life improvements.

Build Number: 01.000.008

–Performance and Crashes–

  • Ongoing optimizations to improve overall performance.
  • Fixed multiple reported crash bugs.

–Achievements & Difficulty Rewards–

  • Retroactively fixed several trophies that weren’t tracked correctly.
  • Retroactively fixed as many difficulty-based rewards as possible.

DEV NOTE: To unlock difficulty rewards and trophies, you must interact with the World Stone.

–Quality of Life–

  • Added all unlocked Archetypes to Wallace’s inventory. If players have unlocked any Secret Archetype (by converting a Mysterious Item into an Engram), he will then sell them for all future characters. If you can start with it, Wallace will sell it.
  • Reduced the requirement to obtain Revivalist Trait. Also included Very Good Boy.
  • Updated Nimue, Bedel (Old Vaunnt), and N’Erud Vending Machine, and Blood Altar to properly keep their items in stock.
  • Fixed the Damage Reduction calculation in Advanced Stats. While this was a bug, we still wanted to make sure it was at the top of the list because it was giving players incorrect info.
  • Reduced Multiplayer Scaling per player by an additional 5% (from 15% to 10%). This means that in 3 player COOP, all players will now take 10% less damage (5% less per player).
  • Increased the chance that Cass spawns her special rewards.
  • Increased invulnerability time on standard Revive by 0.7s to give players a bit more time to react after being revived.
  • Experience gained is shared across any distance in multiplayer (previously 40m max range) and to dead teammates.


[ General ]

  • Reduced Vicious enemy affix from 33% to 15%.
  • Reduced Spiteful enemy affix from 0-45% to 0-25%. This is based on current enemy Health.
  • Reduced Thick Skin enemy affix from -15% Critical Chance & -25% Critical Damage to -10% and 15%, respectively.
  • Reduced Hearty enemy affix from 25% Max HP to 15% Max HP.
  • Increased Bulwark Damage Reduction from 6,5,4,3,2% (20% MAX) to 7,6,5,4,3% (25% MAX).

[ Armor ]

ARMOR OVERVIEW: We made a few tweaks to various armor types to give them unique benefits that were applicable for all difficulties. We felt that the baseline Heavy Armor values (at approximately 35% Damage Reduction) were in a good spot, especially with our recent changes to certain enemy affixes, so we adjusted the other armors to bring them up to par in their own way. Armor-based Damage Reduction is typically the easiest type of DR to get in the game, and due to its importance at higher levels, the lower-value armors were becoming less than desirable.

  • Adjusted Light Armor Damage Reduction Value from approximately 15% to 25%.
  • Adjusted Medium Armor Damage Reduction Value from approximately 25% to 30%.
  • Adjusted Ultra Heavy Armor Damage Reduction Value from approximately 45% to 50%.
  • Increased Light Armor Evade Invulnerability by 2 frames.
  • Increased Medium Armor Evade Invulnerability by 1 frame.
  • Increased Ultra Heavy Neutral Evade Invulnerability by 1 frame.

Armor Evade Value and Stamina Penalty Reference:

  • Light Evade (25 Encumbrance or Lower): 12 iFrames, 0% Stamina Cost Penalty.
  • Medium Evade (26-50 Encumbrance): 11 iFrames, 25% Stamina Cost Penalty.
  • Heavy Evade (51-75 Encumbrance): 10 iFrames, 50% Stamina Cost Penalty.
  • Ultra Heavy (76+ Encumbrance): 15 iFrames (Flop), 75% Stamina Cost Penalty.

DEV NOTE: No changes were made to Stamina Cost Penalty. These are original values. Additionally, Heavy Evade and Ultra Heavy Flop have their original iFrame value as well. The only changes regarding iFrames were to the two lighter Weight Classes.

[ Archetypes ]

  • Handler Companion and Summoner Minions gain increased health per difficulty. On Apocalypse, they will have the highest base health.
  • Increased Challenger’s Intimidating Presence Range from 10m to 15m.

[ Gear / Items ]

  • Increased Restriction Cord Damage Reduction from 10% to 15%.
  • Increased Guardian’s Ring range from 10m to 15m.
  • Enabled Mist Step Neutral Backdash attack.

[ Enemies ]

  • Adjusted downtime and overall combat flow for Annihilation.
  • Adjusted Annihilation Mine behavior on Survivor difficulty.

–Bug Fixes—

[ Progression & Rewards ]

  • Progression Blocker: Cass no longer wanders out of town, making her store inaccessible.
  • Progression Blocker: Ward 13 NPCs no longer “Lose their memory” after rolling adventure mode.
  • Progression Blocker: Fixed an issue where Annihilation would be stuck between first and second phase of fight due an improper Plasma Cutter interaction.
  • Progression Blocker: Fixed an issue if the player died before one of the children made it back to Oracle, the Oracle would not interact with the player.
  • Progression Blocker: Fixed an issue in Sentinel’s Keep that would cause the player to become stuck inside door.
  • Progression Blocker: Fixed issue where Liquid Escape could be lost.

[ Archetypes ]

  • Fixed issue with Summoner’s Minions targeting pigs in Losomn. Pigs are no longer valid targets for Minions.
  • Fixed issue with Handler’s Very Good Boy not waking the sleeping Huntress when attacking.
  • Fixed Medic’s Redemption cooldown for clients.
  • Engineer kills via Turret now grant Experience.
  • Removed Controller Rumble when Summoner Minions move near the player.

[ Gear / Items ]

  • Fixed an issue with Aphelion causing it to do drastically reduced damage.
  • Fixed various issues with Restriction Cord causing issues like UI weirdness, memory leaks, and player getting stuck in World Stone as a client.
  • Fixed Death’s Embrace effects remaining after exiting to main menu and returning to game.
  • Fixed Spore Shot Mod’s slow effects lasting indefinitely.
  • Fixed Enigma’s Chain Lightning chaining through walls and floors.
  • Fixed Enigma ignoring enemy’s resistance. The Overload explosion still ignores resist.
  • Fixed Dark Fluid buff values being inconsistent for clients.
  • Fixed Faerie Needle buff icon displaying values incorrectly for clients.
  • Fixed Bulletweaver buff icon displaying values incorrectly for clients.
  • Fixed issue with Dran Scavenger Ring not correctly working for clients.
  • Fixed Energized Neck Coil so as to not trigger from ally status applications.
  • Fixed issue where consuming Processed Koara while its effect was already active was not resetting timer.

DEV NOTE: Seriously though… you know what this is, right?

  • Fixed issue where consuming Ambit Ember while its effect was already active was not resetting timer.
  • Fixed issue where Eulogy Mod was damaging player when activated too close to enemies. Also, returning bolts no longer damage allies.
  • Added description and lore for Ghost Shell.

[ Enemies ]

  • Fixed various hitboxes for Enemy AOE attacks.
  • Fixed Annihilation insta-killing clients with bad connections on transition to second phase.
  • Fixed an issue with Cancer’s Root attack ignoring Damage Reduction.
  • Fixed an issue with GEORGE (Gorge) Aberration not attacking players.
  • Fixed issue with Bloat King where applying a status effect would cause it to never adjust its bioluminescence.
  • Fixed an issue with Gwendil the Unburnt that allowed Enigma to trigger infinite bomb explosions when there was no longer a bomb in hand.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Venom’s Staves from being destroyed by AOEs/Explosives.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some enemy affixes from activating properly on Venom.
  • Fixed various Labyrinth Enemies from not attacking during maze section.
  • Fixed Bane Aberration from warping players out of the arena with Displacer.

[ Misc Fixes ]

  • Fixed an issue with the icon above doors on map being too small.
  • Fixed an issue where if you quit immediately after picking your archetype with Wallace, you’d have to play through the introduction again.
  • Fixed Chimney obstructions not resetting for clients on world reset.
  • Fixed various out of world or stuck location in Losomn Dran city.
  • Fixed text getting cut off on 16:10 ratio resolutions as well as other non 16:9 based resolutions.
  • Fixed issue where Huntress Boss Music volume was not controllable by Music slider in settings menu.
  • Fixed issue where Jester cards were not correctly showing up for clients.
  • Fixed issue with wearing the Ravager Sigil when speaking to Bedel would cause enemies to no longer attack player.

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