Super Mario Maker 2 Review: The Switch’s Standout Title

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For those here for the obvious, Super Mario Maker 2 is one of the Nintendo Switch’s best titles to date and is a worthwhile purchase.

It combines everything you loved about the first game with new elements and features that are sure to excite creators and players alike and is arguably one of the Switch’s best games to date.

Now with that out of the way, let us tell you exactly why it is one of the standout games on the system— nay, the year.

Super Mario Maker 2 offers a convenient, iconic, level creation kit that Nintendo has painstakingly worked its magic on to give everyone the chance to create and play their own custom-made Mario levels. The detail that has gone into the game provides players with a platform to create easy, puzzling, challenging, or mind-blowing creations where no two levels are the same (unless, of course, you come across those who make standard world 1-1 levels).

No matter what style of levels you choose to create, the interface provided offers a simple toolkit to help you make your dreams a reality. We challenge others to create levels using a limited toolset or theme or tell off a narrative, to make each level different and its own unique experience.

That is not to say that there aren’t other things to do aside from level creation but, of course, the main pull of the game is to make things that you can upload online for others to play. The better the levels, the more likely you are to get noticed and become one of the popular courses that people play.

To aid you in your creations, Super Mario Maker 2 offer tons of new features and modes that help makes the process accessible to newcomers. For starters, Story Mode is a significant feature in the new game that has over 100 courses created by the Nintendo team that takes the creation tools to the limit.

The mode serves as a great advertisement for what players are capable of building themselves, also showing off some of the new features, such as the ability to set clean conditions (such as not being able to jump or collecting a certain amount of items) to mix up the Mario gameplay we know and love. Additionally, the new creation styles that weren’t in the first game, such as the Super Mario 3D Land creator tools.

You can also build levels with another person now in co-op player, granted, you are both still limited to sharing one screen, so there is no way to both create individuals sections at the same time.

Next, Nintendo has simplified the whole level creation process through various shortcuts and quality of life improvements to make the process a lot more enjoyable. You have likely already seen all the videos from E3 showing off the new items that were included with the game, as well as how you can pin certain essential items that you are working with, as well as a bunch of other stuff we couldn’t cover in one game review.

You can also create squared off areas by merely filling in a section, and the camera will no longer pan to show anything nearby. This makes a puzzle or maze-like levels a lot more surprising and intricate to make.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning the other prominent feature in Super Mario Maker 2, which is the inclusion of multiplayer. The ability to play against players online in ranked matches, and create levels specifically for multiplayer cooperative or competitive play, is a treat. It sucks that you can’t play with friends online at launch, though, but with the option being added in a future update, we await with bated breath the chance to take on our friends.

Honestly, everything about this game sounds like a streamer’s dream and the game ticks all the right boxes and feels like a more refined, better version of Super Mario Maker for Wii U with a bunch of promising and well thought out improvements and features that make it the ultimate Mario Maker experience.

Now let’s hope for some more DLC or free updates in the future. We would love to create levels based around Super Mario Odyssey or some older games like Super Mario Land or Super Mario Bros. 2, for example.


Super Mario Maker 2 is one of the Switch’s current outstanding games and a must for any Switch owner. It’s fun, creative, and above all offers hours of entertainment. The addition of the Story Mode, two player mode, additional creation tools, and the ability to set new course-clearing objectives are welcome incentives, and the game is sure to offer hundreds of hours worth of enjoyment for anyone who picks it up.

There is never a dull moment in Super Mario Maker 2, and we implore anyone reading this to pick it up as soon as possible.

Disclosure: Our Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Switch review copy was provided courtesy of Nintendo