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Top 5 Factors That Will Make Nintendo NX As Successful As PS4 And Xbox One

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Nintendo NX

Recently Michael Pachter stated the third party support is one of the factor that will define success of Nintendo NX. In this feature article we list a total of FIVE factors that will make Nintendo NX as successful as PS4 and Xbox One.

Mega Man Legacy Collection Guide: How to defeat the Boss

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Mega Man Legacy Collection

This guide covers the details about the Capcom's Mega Man Legacy Collection. How to defeat the Boss with each Mega Man.

Nintendo NX Patent Application Filed, "It Could Be First Major Home Console To Go Digital-Only"

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Nintendo NX

Nintendo Has Filed A New Patent Application (possibly for Nintendo NX). The Details From Patent Application Reveals That it Won't Include Optical Disk Drive, and could be first major console to go Digital-Only.

Resident Evil 2 Fan Remake Cancelled, Capcom Wants To Meet Creators

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Resident Evil 2 Fan Remake

Italian developer Invader Games has announced Resident Evil 2 Reborn has been canceled after knowing that remake is already in making at Capcom.

NPD July 2015: Xbox One Sold 189K Units (Estimate), PS4 Named Top Selling Console In Hardware and Software Sales

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Xbox One vs PS4

Research Firm NPD Has Revealed Their Sales Figure Report For July 2015, Xbox One Has Sold 189,000 Units (Estimate), PlayStation 4 Has Been Named As The Top Selling Console In Hardware and Software Sales Department.

Who's Going To Be The New Nintendo President After Satoru Iwata: Shigeru Miyamoto or Genyo Takeda?

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Last Week, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passed Away. Now The Main Question On The Minds Of Nintendo Fans Are: Who's Is Going To Be The New Nintendo President After Iwata? We List Top 2 Contenders For The Post Of Nintendo President After Iwata.

First Half Of 2015 Ends, What Is Your Pick For Game Of The Year So Far?

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Game Of The Year 2015 For First Half Of 2015

The First Half Of 2015 Has Ended And We Saw Some Of The Most Exciting and Amazing Games Released During This Period. Here Is Our Top Four Choices For Game Of The Year Award 2015 So Far.

Nintendo Boss Satoru Iwata Passed Away At The Age 55, A Big Loss To Gaming Industry

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Satoru Iwata Dies At 55

Nintendo Boss Satoru Iwata Has Died At The Age of 55. It's A Big Loss For Gaming Industry. Rest In Peace, Our Thoughts And Condolences Go Out To Iwata's Family and Friends.

SNES PlayStation Photos And Details Appear On The Internet, Could Be The Console That Belonged To Its Creator?

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Nintendo/Sony PlayStation Console

The Very First Details And Photos Of SNES PlayStation Has Been Leaked On Internet, Could This Be The Console That Belonged To Its Creator? It Certainly Looks So.


Burnout Creators Were Asked By Nintendo To Work On F-Zero Series Before E3 2011

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Burnout’s Criterion Games was asked by Nintendo to work on “a playable vertical slice” of F-Zero to show at E3 2011 alongside the new Wii U console.