How to move trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

All you need is fruit and a shovel.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There are a bunch of different types of trees available in New Horizons. They are very important in the game for providing fruit, catching bugs, and improving the score of your island. They can also are important for getting furniture and grinding bells.

Sometimes trees just happen to be right in the way of where you want to build or decorate and have got to go. In New Horizons there is a way to move trees without removing them altogether or leaving a stump behind to deal with.

There are four different types of trees in New Horizons that may or may not pop up on your island. The available trees are oak trees, fruit trees, bamboo, and cedar. Oak, bamboo, and Fruit trees can be planted just about anywhere on the island. Cedar trees can only be planted in the upper areas of your island.

In previous games, the only way to remove trees from an area was to dig up saplings or cut down the full-grown trees causing them to disappear. This has changed in the newest game in the Animal Crossing series.

Saplings are easy to move in New Horizons. If you dig up a sapling, it will be moved to your pocket and can be planted somewhere else. This is great if you accidentally place a sapling somewhere you didn’t want it.

A similar method can be used on full-grown trees, too, but it requires an extra step. You can’t just dig up a grown tree normally because you aren’t strong enough. To get around this, just eat some fruit. If you eat fruit, you will gain strength and be able to dig up a tree just like a sapling. The tree will be placed in your inventory and can be replanted just like a sapling. This can allow you to move fruit trees, cedar, oak, and bamboo. This is great for moving trees that are in the way of your decoration plans without getting rid of them entirely. As long as you re-plant the tree, you can maintain the score of your island.