Dead Space remake developers bunker down, imply there won’t be new info until 2022

Developers are “heads down working on the game.”

Dead Space

Image via EA

The Dead Space remake developers from Motive Studios announced that they will not be discussing any more information about the horror franchise remake until 2022. Over at the Dead Space subreddit, Motive community manager Caden House under the username Ythisens showcased a 45-second video of game development footage, which showcased the wear-and-tear of the USG Ishimura. “Everything we showed was a work in progress which means that we’ll be working on things like Isaac’s suit, the aesthetic and ambiance of the Ishimura,” said House on Reddit.

The Reddit post was in response to a 40-minute developer live stream. In the video, Motive debuted brand-new developmental footage, highlighting improved graphics, gameplay, and environmental effects, in addition to main character Issac’s brand-new look.

Commenting on the feedback they’ve received from fans, they state that “it was important to [the studio] to give you an early look at what we’ve been working on so you could tell us your thoughts.” They will continue to monitor feedback throughout the development cycle, and will have more to showcase “next year when we’re further in development.”

Dead Space currently has no slated release date, and internally Electronic Arts isn’t expecting anything until late 2022 at the earliest. Dead Space will launch on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox.

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