All difficulty settings in Dead Space Remake, and what they change

Set the right challenge for yourself.

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The Dead Space Remake is gruesome, with a lot of gore, and is not for the faintest of hearts. However, some players are willing to go through the carnage of the Dead Space campaign and play it despite the violence. The game features a robust difficulty setting, allowing you and other players to play the campaign with any difficulty. If you want an easy experience and avoid dealing with challenging gameplay while navigating the horrors of space, the game has got you covered.

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How many difficulty settings are in Dead Space remake?

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The Dead Space Remake has five difficulty settings — Story, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Impossible. The different settings affect how much damage Isaac Clarke and the enemy Necromorphs can do, with the less difficult settings buffing up Isaac and nerfing the Necromorphs. Story Difficulty is the most accessible, making it perfect for gamers who want to experience games with as few hurdles as possible. Conversely, Impossible Difficulty is extremely hard and should only be attempted by the most dedicated Dead Space players.

Below is a table going over all the difficulties in the Dead Space Remake:

Story DifficultyIsaac Clarke does significantly more damage to enemies while also taking less damage. The oxygen tank also starts with an extra 30 seconds’ worth of air, plus enemy grapples are easier to escape. Isaac also automatically heals any time he takes damage.
Easy DifficultyIsaac will do slightly more damage, and he will also take slightly less damage. The oxygen tank starts with an extra 10 seconds’ worth of air, and enemy grapples are easier to escape.
Medium DifficultyThis difficulty is considered the default experience for the Dead Space Remake. Isaac and the enemy do baseline damage to each other. Players do not receive extra seconds for the oxygen tank, and the enemy grapples are unchanged.
Hard DifficultyIsaac does less damage to enemies, while the Necromorphs do more damage against Isaac.
Impossible DifficultyThe same as Hard Difficulty, except Auto-save is disabled, and players will only be able to save once in the entire playthrough.