Where to find The Peng Treasure in Dead Space remake

There’s Always Peng!

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Peng Treasure is something of an enigma in the Dead Space franchise, having featured as a collectible within the original trilogy, and now in the Dead Space remake. The statuette, often molded into a womanly shape, is hidden somewhere on the USG Ishimura, where you’ll see the odd advertisement for Peng products around. The true nature of Peng as a product is a bit of a mystery in-game, with most believing it to be some form of erotic entertainment or service — perhaps even a contraceptive? Either way, it’s as elusive as it is enigmatic. Here’s how to find that treasure.

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Where is The Peng Treasure located in Dead Space Remake?

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Peng Treasure is located in the Hangar deck’s cargo bay during Chapter 11 – Alternate Solutions, you’ll make your way here first while completing the Engage the Cargo Crane objective. Take the lift down into the cargo bay, and immediately take a look behind you, where you’ll see a yellow “I want more Peng” poster and some conveniently stacked kinesis crates to the left of it. Move the crates with your well-worn kinesis ability, which will uncover some lockers. You’ll find The Peng Treasure inside.

For those looking to complete all that the game has to offer, locating the Peng Treasure in Dead Space will earn you the “There’s Always Peng!” achievement, and while you could choose to keep the statue as a symbol of your success, opting to sell the treasure will net you an easy 30,000 credits.

Don’t worry about profiting either, as selling it won’t negatively impact your experience, so once you’ve found the Peng Treasure, that’s as far as you’ll need to go. With the strange statue found and achievement collected, you’ll want to make sure you’ve ticked that off the full list of trophies for the Dead Space remake.