Well of Infinitude Stasis-sealed chest locations in Destiny 2

More Aged Armor for your loot piles.

Image via Bungie.

There’s a new series of chests you have to unlock in Destiny 2 following the completion of the Beyond Light expansion. Now that you have the Darkness under your control, you have access to a new Stasis element, and with it, new subclasses and powers. You may have opened a few chests while playing through the Beyond Light campaign, but after you finish it, there will be more for to unlock and you gain new Aged Armor pieces from them.

Well of Infinitude location

For those trying to find the Well of Infinitude on your map, you can find it on the east side. It will be connected to Asterion Abyss, where you have to first go through the Nexus. When you arrive at the Nexus, go to the right, and you’ll make your way into the Well of Infinitude.

Well of Infinitude Stasis-sealed chest location 1

The first location is closer to the entrance of the Well of Infinitude. But it’s a little bit off to the side, on a cliff. You’ll need to be fairly deep into the Well of Infinitude to find it, so don’t expect it to be right around the corner.

Well of Infinitude Stasis-sealed chest location 2

The second Stasis-sealed chest inside of the Well of Infinitude is also deeper inside the facility. Thankfully, it’s not too much further. It’s in the final room where there are a few enemies left for you to handle. After that, you can find it on the left side, on the higher platform.