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PSVR - Best Free Games

PlayStation VR (mostly knows as PS4 VR among PlayStation fans) is the next big upgrade for gamers, a virtual reality headset designed to deliver intuitive never seen before gaming experience. Sony took time to bring VR to the console. Before Microsoft has taken a step and integrated physical motion following Wii to make games more entertaining. But now VR is going to take us inside the mesmerizing gaming world. So in case if you have plans to buy this costly headset, we had made best list to begin with.

PSVR - Free Games

1. Allumette - Type - Free. File Size - 875MB

Allumette is a creative masterpiece everyone will love to play. It takes you to a journey of girl who is deeply bonded with her mother. Not much like a game, its a movie where you can walk, checkout characters and see what's going on. The video below provides a glimpse of the game. Download.

2. The Playroom VR - Type - Free. File Size - 2.1GB

This is a collection of mini games. PlayStation Camera is an essential accessory here. It is a pack of 3 mini games & 4 DLC. Playstore is offering the full game for free for the upcoming PSVR. Checkout a short gameplay video below. Download.

3. Invasion - Type - Free. File Size - 1.3GB

Invasion is a VR exclusive game, save the bunnies from aliens and defend the planet. It is released for various other VR before, and now coming as exclusive content for PlayStation VR. Checkout the below gameplay video. Download.

3. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood - Type - Demo. File Size - 12.2GB

Releasing on October 13, 2016, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a horror game by Sony Interactive Entertainment developed by Supermassive Games. It will take you to a roller coaster ride in a tunnel filled with monster and enemies. Checkout a short gameplay video below to know more the game.

4. Tumble VR - Type - Demo. File Size - 2.5GB

Tumble VR is available in demo version with few playable levels. Otherwise it has 70 levels. It also features multiplayer mode. Tumble VR takes you to a virtual world of gravity defying blocks. Arrange them to build the highest tower. One wrong move and everything falls to the ground. Download.

Did we missed out anything which can be added to the list above? Share it with us in the comment section below.

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