Borderlands 3: What Is The Intro Song?

Handsome Jack Was the Original Borderlands 3 Villain

Borderlands is known for many things. Procedurally generated guns, colorful characters, humor that tries a little too hard, and more. A sometimes overlooked core facet of the series though is their kicking soundtracks, especially in the intros and trailers.

Borderlands 3 is no exception, giving us “Put It On The Line,” the latest entry from the band The Heavy in the franchise.

While The Heavy is a great band in its own right, they’ve become heavily entwined with the video game industry. They’ve been associated with Borderlands, in particular, performing the opening and ending songs for Borderlands 2 (the excellent “Short Change Hero” and “How You Like Me Now?” They also did the ending for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, which I honestly know better as the trailer theme for Sleeping Dogs. These musical choices are by no means an exhaustive list of their excellent music that has gone into trailers, TV shows, movies, and games.

“Put It On The Line” is not currently my favorite of these songs, but I fully expect it to grow on me over the years. The same way happened with the others did. The band has an infectious enthusiasm and soul that I hope they keep chugging along precisely as they are now.