Borderlands 3 Redux Mod sees surge in downloads after Legacy update

Some fans call this the definitive Borderlands 3 experience.


Image via 2K

There’s been a surge in downloads for the Borderlands 3 Redux Mod after its latest update, Legacy, was released on Jan 1. The lead on the development team for the mod, EpicNNG, posted on Twitter today that the mod has received 15,000 downloads since it launched one year ago and 2,500 in the past week alone.

The Borderlands franchise has a dedicated fan base, but with Borderlands 3, that fan base went one step further with their hobby. A group of developers created the Borderlands 3 Redux Mod in their spare time to add in the quality of life changes that they and other players wanted to see in the game, but developer Gearbox Software hadn’t implemented. Now, many fans say that this is the best way to play Borderlands 3.

The Borderlands 3 Redux Mod brings dozens of quality of life changes to Borderlands 3, including new rarity levels, weapons that didn’t make the transition from Borderlands 2, more high-level bosses, faster animations, and so much more.

Legacy is a massive new update to the Borderlands 3 Redux Mod, adding in many new weapons, buffing others, and bringing a big new feature to the table — Legacy Hunts. In these hunts, players fight against one of four incredibly tough bosses, each accessible without needing to own any of the game’s DLC content. The official patch notes list everything that’s changed, but it’s clear to see from the sudden increase in downloads that this is the update for the mod that fans have been waiting for.