Code Vein PSA: Don’t Worry About the Item Down the Hole

There comes the point fairly early on in Code Vein where you need to do a very Dark Souls 2-esque “falling puzzle” (it’s like a jumping puzzle, except you can’t jump in this game). You need to drop from outcropping to outcropping to get to the bottom of a shaft to move forward. Side note, Louis tries to get you killed here by telling you to jump down an elevator shaft; don’t listen to him; he is full of nothing but lies.

But that’s not the hole we’re talking about today. We’re talking about items. Much like the Dark Souls 2 mentioned previously and the big hole in Majula, the outcroppings you need to drop onto the dotted area with the occasional item. Most are relatively easy to get to, but one stands out: an item on a very narrow spike of rock which has no obvious way to get to it.

I tried everything. I tried dropping down directly on top of it from above; this did not work. You clip the bare edge of a larger outcropping and get sent careening into the infinite blackness below.

I tried getting to a rock above it and dropping down but missed by a hair.

I tried to quick roll off a ledge above it but likewise missed it narrowly.

I even tried to see if the dash from Shifting Hollow (the Ranger core ability) would let me clear the distance, but it doesn’t seem to let you pass over space, and drops you to your death (or revival by Louis).

Finally, after about 30 minutes of fiddling (over half of which is spent just waiting for the elevator back up or running the long way from the Mistle ahead to the elevator) I got it: there’s one outcropping you can drop onto from the very top that lets you drop down directly onto the ledge.

It’s just some Haze in Loss Shard form. Not an amount worth your or my time, either, given how easy it is to get Haze from enemies in this game.

If you can grab it on your first drop-down, enjoy. If not, know now that you’re not missing out on much.