Genshin Impact: Yummy! Barbecue Under the Stars web event guide

Cook fish for some Primogems.

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Genshin Impact has a brand new web event, called Yummy! Barbecue Under the Stars! In this event, you help out Xinyan, Childe, and Shiki Taishou in cooking some fish. In exchange for making the most delectable recipes, you can get some rewards like Mora, Hero’s Wit, and Primogems.

You can visit here to start the event, or follow a link provided in-game. The event will be uniquely tied to your UID, and any rewards you earn will immediately be sent over to your game’s account. The event will run until November 7, which is plenty of time to earn all the rewards if you put in the work.

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This is a timed event where you’ll earn some fish that you can put on the grill. You gain some fish after a certain amount of time, which is represented by the timer seen above. You’ll also need some wood and seasoning, which you can earn by doing in-game tasks. Click the bag to see what tasks you need to do in-game to get some wood and seasoning.

After obtaining these items, you can get grilling. Click the button in the center of the screen to get started. You’ll get the chance to choose a fish. You can adjust the cooking time by flipping the fish, giving it different levels of doneness. You can also add some seasoning, from not a lot to heavy, which also changes the recipe.

There are different recipes you can unlock in this event, which gives a varying amount of Mora. These recipes are done by cooking the fish at different times and adding various amounts of seasonings. These different recipes also give varying amounts of Event Currency.

You need to earn a certain amount of Event Currency to unlock chests, which corresponds to a larger reward. You can see the amounts of Event Currency you need in the image below. Get all the chests to earn up to 120 Primogems.

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Barbecue Under the Stars will end on November 7. You must be Adventure Rank 10 to participate.