State Of Decay 2 All Warlord Missions Walkthrough

In the previous chapter after recruiting a survivor, he will tell you about leadership. Here you will have to promote a clan member to a Leader who has good standing. Go to the Base section and build necessary areas. You can play a few side mission unless you are well equipped with a good base and you promoted a member to a Leader. There are four types of Leaders, Warlord, Sheriff, Trader, and Builder. Each has their own specific missions. In this part, you can check out all Warlord Mission.

State of Decay 2 Walkthrough

All Warlord Missions Walkthrough

Weapons for All:

Gather info about weapon stockpilers from the wanderer, he will give you a location of Ricky Old Barn where you can spot a huge cache of weapons. First, you will be driving towards the location to confront the neighbors about their weapon hoarding. Talk to the neighbors inside the barn, if you are unable to confront you can return home. The objective can be completed both the ways.

Turf War:

In this objective, you will have to speak to the wanderer about the bodies she discovered. Once done head to Spoon and Cone to investigate the bodies and then you will have to locate some survivors. Follow the marker on the map. You will have to confront the lady there. But before you will have to kill all the zombies on the premises. Just gather some info and then ask the humans to join your community. At the end return to your base with the new recruits. This completes the goal.

Notice of Eviction:

This objective begins as you kill a few zombies in the marked location. Next, you will hear a radio transmission, follow the marker on the north-west of the map. You will have to save the women from a zombie attack and then add her as your follower. Next go to the fuel tanker, which is on the northeast side, kill the zombies first and then talk to Charles.  You will have two choices, you can either pick Charles to turn into hostiles or you can turn all the Locals into hostile by picking the second option. IN both cases you will have to kill him, while in the second choice you will have killed the members of the Locals also. The easiest way to complete the objective is to claim the Fuel Tanker as an outpost, or you can go with the second one destroying the plague heart. Pick one of the choices.

Military Supremacy:

Once you are done playing the previous one you will have to wait for a message from one of the community members who will tell you about securing the outpost. Travel to the marked location and clear out the zombies first. You can use your car to kill the zombies, there are ample of them around. Once you are done talking to the person there and recruit him. You will have to establish an outpost here to complete this short mission.

Destroy the Plague Heart:

After finishing up the above mission, you will not get any other mission until you had destroyed the Plague Heart. To find the Plague Heart use the radio, you will have to pay 300 influence. Equip equipment like fireworks, boombox, etc to distract the plague zombies. Once you reach the spot and start destroying the heart, a horde will attack you. Through distraction, you will get enough time to kill it. Once you got the marker, drive towards the location, the heart is inside a hangar, behind boxes. You can use guns to destroy it fast. Once done gather the Plague Samples.

A New Beginning:

Return to the community and interact with the first two members you meet, one just behind the door sitting on the ground. As the chapter begins to talk to two members about the defeat of blood plague. They can be anywhere in the safe house and you will get a different choice when you interact instead of switching player. After completing this will be one short mission where you will create a gym and you will have to upgrade it two times and then kill 10 zombies.

The Informant:

Once done with the previous objective you can start this one, you will have to talk to the visitor. The scattered wanderer will be somewhere outside near the gate, you will get a intel about the attack on your community, recruit the wanderer to your group to progress further. Go to the old homesite, first, you have to deal with few zombies and then locate Coalition conspirators. Enter the house and kill the outbreak survivors. Get in the house, and the next mission will begin.

Personal Dead Zone:

After killing the previous enclave this new mission will start, it is more like scouting around and ensure that neighbors around you are not against you. You will have to scout around 4 areas to find neighbors who had joined Coalition against you. Follow the houses marked on the map to scout the areas. You will have to first clear the zombies and then look for the survivors. In this way, you will have to scout and secure all the four areas. Just follow the objectives on the top right of the screen to finish these mission. 

Smash the Coalition:

After completing the above one you are done with community objectives, you will take three members to a new area. You can use the members to start a new community, and you can earn special items at the start of the new community. So as the quest begins, follow the marker to reach 3 Coalition members. It is hard to target all three, you can kill two of them and use the third one for discussion. At the end, you will get the location of home base for the Coalition. You have to fight 4 people, use long-range weapons and kill them all. Enter the Coalition base and Warlord missions are over.

All Warloard Missions are not over, you can read our walkthrough on the Sheriff Missions or for more details on the game, you can read our State of Decay 2 Wiki guide.

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