State of Decay 2 Weapons Guide - Five Best Weapons & When To Use Them

State of Decay 2 Best Weapons

You can find plenty of weapons in State of Decay 2, but not all are the great ones. In this guide, you will get the list of five best weapons you can test out in the game. You will always carry a small knife with you, but a few guns are not bad at all. Better firearms mean easier to kill the zombies. You can scavenge items like bats, pipes, swords, daggers, etc from containers and use them. Weapons also require repairing, they will break and it is indicated in the form of yellow weapon color on the bottom right of the screen.

State of Decay 2 Best Weapons

Five Best Weapons & Their Stats

Below is the list of top weapons you can try out in State of Decay 2, don't forget to repair them regularly after using them.

M99X1 Timberwolf:

State of Decay Best Weapons

The weapon cost around 1000 influence points. You can buy it from Red Talon trader. M99X1 Timerwolf is a Ranged Weapon, an Anti-Material Rifle. You get the best range using this one and if you are using it to attack enemies at a short distance then one shot is enough. One the biggest plus point of having this weapon is it does not jam or break. So you get a rifle with infinite durability which makes it one of the most powerful weapons of State of Decay 2.

DEVGRU X12 Infiltrator:

State of Decay Best Weapons

A fully automatic shotgun that comes with 30 shell capacity. That means you have enough ammo to take down a horde of zombies. It is also a ranged weapon, this assault shotgun has good power and accuracy. Also the durability is not really low, you can use it a few times. The shotgun is pretty good against plague hearts.

M4X1 DMR Heavy:

M4X1 DMR Heavy is an anti-material ranged rifle. It is really good for long distance attack. It is fully automatic, you just have to spray it on the horde and in no time you can take out a group of zombies. You can use a silencer to benefit more from the weapon. With good power, fire rate, range and accuracy this weapon can be your best ally in the game.


State of Decay Best Weapons

BML-40 is a launcher, you can release a grenade into a group of zombies and blow the horde in one shot. Remember it is a ranged weapon so if you are using it on a single or few enemies then it won't help you much. The ammo capacity is 12, so you have to plan out your attacks. It is highly accurate and has a good blast radius.

SP101 Tassie Devil:

State of Decay Best Weapons

SP101 Tassie Devil is a revolver with 5 ammo capacity. It is best for regular usage, the benefit of carrying this portable weapon is that it never jams or break. You get infinite durability on this. It is ideal when you are taking down zombies near you, inside a house or any structure. Try hitting the head with every shot to get max benefit from this revolver.

So these are our recommendations for the top weapons you can use it in State of Decay 2. For more similar guides, tips and tricks you read our State of Decay Wiki.

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