SCUM Combat Tips, Respawn Locations And How Much Fame Points You Pay For It

SCUM Combat Tips And Respawn Location

Combat in SCUM is quite similar to a dance in some ways, except in most examples of dance, you aren't trying to hatchet another human in the brain so you can steal their stuff. When you come across another player in the world of SCUM, there is a good chance that they will try to kill you. But it's only normal when you're stuck on an island with a strict population of murderers, zombies and psychopathic murder robots. So it pays to be well equipped with armor and any number of large pointy objects or clubs to fend off all the crazies.

SCUM Combat Tips And Respawn Location

When you first come across another human that isn't trying to eat your brain or didn't immediately fill you with lead, you will probably try to talk to them or reason with them. Sometimes that might go well, but with 27 hours of experience in SCUM so far, no-one has wanted to listen to reason. In fact, the game rewards murder to a certain degree.


Respawn Locations And Fame Points Cost

SCUM features a neat little system that measures your achievements called Fame. It's like a score-sheet, but at the same time, it's a currency. You get Fame for everything you do, but killing people gives you the most, the more stylish the better. If by chance you are killed in a dance of death with another like-minded murderer, you are given the choice to relinquish a certain amount of Fame to respawn in a more desirable location. You give up a standard 25 Fame points or FP to respawn in a random location, if you don't have enough points you'll go into the negatives. You pay a heftier 50 FP to respawn in the same sector you died in for a better chance at regaining your lost treasures. For a substantial 75 Fame points you can respawn at a shelter if you took the time to build one. Finally, for the highest price of 100 FP you can respawn on a squadmate should you have one.


Combat Tips For SCUM Beginner's

SCUM's combat system in itself features a unique lock-on combat system for melee fights, your camera centers on your opponent's avatar and swivels to meet them at most angles. What catches you by surprise is; timing is everything in SCUM. You won't walk away from a fight if you rush it and swing whatever garden tool you managed to scavenge from the nearest town wildly at your enemy. All weapons in SCUM have weight, which means they swing at different speeds, and when they make contact with you like you would in the real world, you reel backward because of that hurt. There is a short stun period after a hit which leaves your enemy open for another so you should keep swinging, right? Wrong. Stamina is also a contender in a fight. If you swing madly at your enemy you will run out of stamina, your attacks will do less damage and your speed is vastly reduced. That leaves plenty of opportunities for your opponent to take his shot at you which may just spell the end for you.


So the best way to come out of a fight on top is to approach it carefully. Swerve, duck, dodge, and block. Yes, blocking is a feature. It saves you stamina, reduces the damage you might take and gives you an opportunity to step out from their weapon range to assess the fight again. But if you don't want to approach a situation carefully and tactfully, there is a solution.


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