2 Solutions For Fallout 76 Stuck In Power Armor Bug

How To Exit Power Armor

Fallout 76 has a glitch reported by many users who are unable to exit the Power Armor. Once they are in, they are stuck for hours and unable to find a way to come out of it. Also, the glitch turns their gaming avatar into an awful looking weirdo. Unhappy with the situation there are some fixes you can try to exit the armor.

How To Exit Power Armor

Remember Bethesda had officially not released any kind of patch to resolve this problem permanently the solution mentioned in this guide is based on different Users' post on Reddit. So I am just trying to help here by bringing up the best possible working solution which is tried by the users and it worked for some. You can read their detailed threat in the source link at the end of this article.

How To Fix Fallout 76 Stuck In Power Armor Glitch

To fix the Fallout 76 Power Armor Glitch you have to do some basic things mentioned below. This works for some users, but some are still struggling to resolve the problem.

How To Exit Power Armor Solution 1 - By Reddit User camstarrankin

One of the method tried by the users is removing all Fusion Cores and drain the full battery. Equip one piece of any power armor from Leg, Torso or Arm Piece and change server. Log in back and there are max chances that you can exit the armor. Use Power Attacks to drain the battery fast.

Some Reddit users have shared a positive response on this fix, though it is a hectic process but it works. So try this out once.

How To Exit Power Armor - Solution 2 - By Reddit User flawlesssin

Another reddit user has posted a solution which also had worked for some users including the OP. First get rid of all the pieces of the armor and deplete the fusion core. Next try dying and exit the game. Re-enter Fallout 76 and you might be able to get out of the Power Armor and use it again.

Follow two solution can definitely help a lot of gamers in getting rid of the fix, but this does not means it is a kind of permanent solution. You might stuck back again and you can try above stuff. You have to do things manually till Bethesda releases an official patch.

Source:  u/camstarrankin / u/flawlesssin

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