Red Dead Redemption 2 Gold Bars | Where To Find And Sell Gold Bars

RDR2 Gold Bars &  Where To Sell Them

RDR2 can be monotonous after playing it for hours, so finding Gold Bars can be the best thing to start with. The fastest way to make money is finding Gold Bars, there are four Treasure Hunt quests that reward multiple Gold Bars in the end. Learn how to start Treasure Hunt Quest and how much Gold Bar you will earn by completing the quest.

RDR2 Gold Bars &  Where To Sell Them

Gold Bars are also the fastest way to earn high cash in Red Dead Redemption 2. This guide brings answers on Where to Find Gold Bars, and Where To Sell Gold Bars for cash. A brick of gold bar can get you around $500 in a single sale, but it is not easy to find. The guide is a compilation of has some compiled useful and possible tips to locate the Gold bars in Red Dead Redemption 2 followed by a reference of the Gold Bar glitch that allows you to have Unlimited Gold Bars and the Treasure Map-Quest that rewards them. Next, you can read the second section of guide on Where To Sell Gold Bars In RDR2.

RDR2 Gold Bar Locations

Gold Bars are rewarded in four main quest of RDR2, collect the Treasure Map first to begin the quest.

Unlimited Gold Bar Glitch In RDR2

Starting with best tip Unlimited Gold Bar Glitch is a phenomenal bug of RDR2, I hope Rockstar did not patch and revoke player’s probability to make some pretty decent cash in one shot. To know more about the glitch you have read our dedicated RDR2 guide on Make Money Fast, Infinite Gold Bar & Dollars Glitch. The Gold Bar Walkthrough gives additional solutions to make more money and Gold Nuggets Location.

Where To Find Gold Bars In RDR2

Gold Bars are valuable, and the good thing is other than finding them through the glitch there are many places you can find them.

Treasure Map:

RDR2 has a dedicated section for Treasure Map’s. Similar to side-quest, Treasure maps will give you the maximum amount of Gold Bars in the game. There are four treasure hunt missions, the list is below play them to get Gold Bars.

1). The Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map:

  • Rewards: 2 Gold Bars, Earn upto $1000.
  • How To Start: Find Maximo and buy a treasure map from him. You can find him on the west of Flatneck Station before Dakota River. Pair the sketches on the map to earn the reward.

2). The Poisonous Trail Treasure Map:

  • Rewards: 4 Gold Bars, Earn upto $2000.
  • How To Start: To start Gunslinger’s Side Quest - The Noblest of Men, and a Woman by visiting the second saloon in Valentine. Find Calloway a writer and he will tell you to track down a group of Gunslingers. The quest will introduce you to Flaco Hernandez who is hiding in a hut at Cairn Lake in The Grizzlies. Search for Poisonous Trail Map in this hut.

3). Strange Statues Treasure Map:

  • Rewards: 3 Gold Bars, Earn upto $1500.
  • How To Start: Go to Window Rock, it is located on the northwest of Fort Wallace, below Granite Pass. You will find some cave paintings marked as Strange Statues. Note them in your journal and then continue the quest for the reward.

4). Le Tresor Des Morts Treasure Map:

  • Rewards: 6 Gold Bars, Earn upto $3000.
  • Quest Info: Only available those who had pre-ordered RDR2 Special or Ultimate Edition. This map offers you the highest amount of Gold Bars, jackpot. 
  • How To Start: To begin you have to find the treasure map first, go to Limpany, it is an old burned down town on the north of Flatneck Station. Go to Sheriff’s office and locate the strongbox, it has a gold bar inside and this is the same place where the Unlimited Gold Bar glitch works. Go to Jailhouse and locate two dead prisoners in the cells, one them has the map that will start this quest.

Where To Sell Gold Bars In RDR2

After you are done collecting a good stash of Gold, you will need to visit a shopkeeper who can turn them into cash. Read below for their location.

Where To Sell Gold Bars

So you are done with the quest and have enough gold in your pouch, the next thing is to sell them to convert the shining brick into real money.


The only place you can sell Gold Bars is to Fence. The mysterious shopkeeper will give you $500 for each Gold Bar, he is the only buyer who deals in unique items. You can buy a lot of things by having a good amount of cash, it also allows you to live a poise life a by not looting or robbing for money. You can purchase weapons, horse, upgrade your camp, etc. Fences are available in Saint Denis, Emerald Ranch, Van Horn and Rhodes.

By playing the above Treasure Map you can make fortune in Red Dead Redemption 2, the quest are long and requires you to do multiple things. It is best to unlocked Fast Travel point, so you can save a lot of time in travelling.

For more similar guides, tips and updates on the game do read our Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki guide.

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