How To Play With Friends Or Form A Posse In Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online How To Play With Friends

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online is a world of outlaws, a lone wolf can be an easy target of any nameless bullet. Why not playing with a friend? Red Dead Online brings a Posse feature something similar to Lobby where you and your friends can join and play in a group. In this guide, you can read on instructions on How to Play with your friends or Invite them in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online.

Red Dead Online How To Play With Friends

How To Play With Friends In RDR2 Online

The process to play with your friends starts from forming a Posse, and then you can add current members or invite your friends.

Form A Posse - Lobby

RDR2 Online is in Beta stage, on Friday 30th, 2018 all players who bought Red Dead Redemption 2 will get access to the online world. Owners of Ultimate Editions are the first one to get hands on the online mode. Once enough of you are able to go online, the matchmaking process will be tiring.

Press Left on D-pad to open Free Roam Player Menu in PS4, for another console like Xbox One hit the key for Catalog and hold it to launch the Player Menu. Select Posse, you will be in Posses Nearby. Under Form Pose you can select the Type, Privacy(Open/Invite Only), Friendly Fire On/Off and Camp. Select Form Posse, a small camp can handle 1 to 4 members and a Large one can handle 1 to 7 members. After creating the Posse select Members and you will see a list of people under Current Members list. This is the lobby, just pick them to join.

Invite A Friend

To invite a friend Go in the Posse you created and below Settings, you will see option Invite to Posse. Press L1 and R1 to rotate through the menu. If you pick anyone whom you know you can invite the player to join your game.

You can add any of your friends or member only after creating a Posse, and you can also invite also. The current beta stage offers you to only play a Small Camp, which means you cannot have a group higher than 4 including yourself.

For more updates on the game do check our Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki guide, you can read the story mission walkthrough and get various tips on different topics.

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