Where To Find Bomb Spirit Poppy Bros Jr. | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Where To Find Bomb

Certain areas in Super Smash Bros Ultimate are blocked by rocks, to open them you need Bomb. In this guide, you will learn about Bomb Locations. To find Bomb you have to locate Spirits, any with a Bomb will do the job. One of them is Poppy Bros. Jr. So if you are locked somewhere and looking for a bomb to clear your way, then read our guide to get an exact location of Poppy Bros. Jr in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Where To Find Bomb

Where To Find Bombs - Spirit

Super Smash Bros has few spirits brings bomb effect, they are Subspace Bomb, Bomb Man, Bomberman, Bomber and Poppy Bros Jr. In this guide you will learn how to find the last one - Poppy Bros Jr. to destroy rocks and boulders.

Poppy Bros Jr. Location


Poppy Bros Jr. can help you to break rocks and boulders that blocking your way to a new region, challenge or treasure chest. You have to go to the southwestern part of the map, at the corner, there is a small forest region. Search for a small pond and just in the way you will find the Spirit. You now earn the ability to break the rocks and boulders to clear your path. You can also purchase Poppy Bros Jr. after finding it on the map. Go to Emporium and check under Primary Spirit, it appears sometimes and cost around 500SP.

How To Use Bomb To Destroy The Rocks

While exploring if you came across a path or object that is blocked by rocks then you can use the spirit to destroy them and clear your way. To use the Spirit to clear your just walk near shining rocks and press A. This will blow the rocks into pieces and you can walk on that path.

Using such Spirits is very helpful in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, you have to remember the location to collect it, and another way is to buy it from the store. You can keep a few extra in your pocket to use it in the future. If you had not yet unlocked Pikachu in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate then click to read the guide to find the cute little fighter.

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