Destiny 2 - How To Kill Bok Lithur, Hunger of Xol

Escalation Protocol

Escalation Protocol is a wave-based activity in Destiny 2, located on Mars. Each week the boss that you fight at the end of the challenge will rotate, with this week being Bok Lithur, Hunger of Xol. You need to survive seven waves of the mode, getting progressively harder each time, to take him on. As such, you want a fireteam, and you want your best weapons and armor.

How To Kill Bok Lithur, Hunger of Xol

Bok Lithur is a giant Hive Knight. The good news here is that there are no significant mechanics to this fight. What you do need to do is be careful of the sheer amount of damage that he can put out. He comes armed with a giant cannon, that does a large amount of AoE damage. He also has the traditional boss mechanic of stomping the ground very hard if you get too close. There will also be plenty of ads that spawn in, but if you play it right these end up giving you a lot of light. Make sure at least one member of your fireteam has a good crowd clearing super, as it will generate a lot of light for the others to damage the boss.

This is just a bullet sponge fight, but all the usual tactics can be used. Tractor Cannons and Titan punching will apply the usual debuffs, meaning the boss will take more damage. If you position well and are smart about moving around the play area, you shouldn’t need to go too defensive with your supers. Void weapons and void abilities will work very well in conjunction with the Tractor Cannon, as it will increase the damage they do to the target for five seconds. You want your tankiest, or most agile, member to work Bok Lithur over with the Tractor Cannon while everyone else burns him down, as they should be able to stay alive, even with his stomps.

It honestly isn’t that bad of a fight, as there are no awkward mechanics to deal with. Just play smart, don’t cut your DPS time down with careless deaths, and you should be fine. If you do end up struggling to kill him or find other players to do it with, I’d suggest loading into and out of the instances until you find a group already doing it. Having five or six Guardians there will make this one a breeze.

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