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In Atlas cooking food is essential to keep yourself alive in the game. Without food you cannot survive, in this How To Cook Food guide you will learn about simple methods to cook fish and meat in Atlas. You will also learn about Vitamins, why it is important and how cooking help you to fill the bar.


How To Cook Food & Get Vitamins

You can cook Meat or Fish in the game that will help you to fill up the Blue or Purple Vitamin Bar displayed on the lower right corner of the screen. 

Cooking Meat and Fish

Build a Camp Fire, this is the place where you will carry all your meat or fish and access them through inventory for cooking. Just open the inventory near the fireplace and check the items you gathered. You can earn meat easily through Hunting there are tons of animals freely roaming in the open-world. You can select the order of items you want to cook, for example placing the meat first before fish.

You will need Wood which is the most common resource you can find in Atlas. Destroy the trees to collect wood and collect minimum 30 logs. Place them in the campfire and Light Fire. You can then pick the food to cook.

How To Fix Dark & Green Screen

Dark and Green Screen means you are suffering from Vitamin poison if you consume the same kind of food in higher quantity. Look to the Vitamins bar on the bottom right screen and find the lower one. Find the type of food item and consume it to resolve the dark screen back to the normal.

Types of Vitamins & What They Do

Go to inventory and select the food item, you will see color arrows on the corner of the food icon. Different color means different vitamins and that particular food item will help you to boost that. Cooked Meat helps you to boost Pink Vitamin and Fish are linked with Blue Vitamins.

There are 4 types of Vitamins In Atlas they are Vitamin A, B, C and D. The vitamin bars for falls empty as you do different activities in the game like exploring, hunting, fighting, etc. To replenish them you will need food that boosts the particular vitamin.

Vitamin A: 

  • Bar: Yellow
  • Food: Herbs like Mint, Parsley, Oregano and food like Eggs, etc.

Vitamin B:

  • Bar: Pink
  • Food: Cooked Meat

Vitamin C:

  • Bar: Orange
  • Food: Berries like Blackberries.

Vitamin D:

  • Bar: Blue
  • Food: Cooked Fish

It is necessary to check what Vitamin a food offers so that you don’t deal with Vitamin poison if you eat a lot of similar food item, you just need enough to fill the bar. 

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