Kingdom Hearts 3 Twilight Town Lucky Emblem Locations With Map

Lucky Emblem locations Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is rich in collectibles disseminated for its maps. There are treasure chests and secrets, but there is a new type of collectible: the Lucky Emblems. They are icons in the shape of Mickey Mouse perfectly integrated into the environment that must be found and photographed with the Gummiphone. They are found in all the nine main worlds.

In this Kingdom Hearts III Lucky Emblems guide, we list the locations of all the Lucky Emblems in the Twilight Town. So let's get started without wasting any time.

Twilight Town Lucky Emblems Locations

Twilight Town | Lucky Emblem Location #1

  • The first lucky emblem in Twilight Town can be found directly to the left of the save point, above a woman on a bench.

 Twilight Town | Lucky Emblem Location #2

  • To get on top of the moving tram, if you don't have double jump, you'll need to climb a building then drop onto the roof to find another.

 Twilight Town | Lucky Emblem Location #3

  • This one is on top of the tall building with the spire directly in front of the save point.

 Twilight Town | Lucky Emblem Location #4

  • Hug the buildings round to the left from the save point, and you'll come across a small outdoor cinema. When the movie stops, you'll be able to see this lucky emblem on the screen.

 Twilight Town | Lucky Emblem Location #5

  • Climb the building just outside of the cinema area, and you'll find three plates arranged in the lucky emblem shape on a table.

 Twilight Town | Lucky Emblem Location #6

  • Head through the sewer to the forest. This lucky emblem is on the open wooden hatch as you leave.

 Twilight Town | Lucky Emblem Location #7

  • Climb the massive wall to the right of the hatch, and there's another one on the upper section.

 Twilight Town | Lucky Emblem Location #8

  • Follow the forest round and about halfway along, over on the far right, is a light lucky emblem on the rock.

 Twilight Town | Lucky Emblem Location #9

  • The final Twilight Town lucky emblem is on the outer wall of the mansion.

These are all the emblems you can find in the Twilight Town world. Have fun and see you soon with the other emblems present in the other worlds.

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