Where Is Xur Today, And What Is He Selling In Destiny 2? - October 18, 2019

Xur Destiny 2

Xur shows up in Destiny 2 every Friday. He does this to try and sell us the latest Exotic wares he has found in the void, and also to remind us that he only works on weekends. What he does during the week, nobody knows, but we assume it involves trying to figure out what he should try to sell us the following week. 

Xur no longer gets a map icon in the game, so it is up to us to hunt him down and find out where he is. To save you time, this guide will tell you where he is hiding and what he is selling, so you can decide if you want to part with some of your Legendary Shards or not. 

Where Is Xur

This week you can find Xur on the Imperial Barge on Nessus.

What Is Xur Selling

This week Xur is selling the following Exotic items. As always, he is selling one Exotic weapon and a piece of Exotic armor for each class.

This week Xur is selling the following items:

  • Telesto - Exotic Fusion Rifle
  • Dunemarchers - Titan Leg Armor
  • Transversive Steps - Warlock Leg Armor
  • Shards of Galanor - Hunter Gauntlets

What Should You Buy From Xur This Week

Xur clearly heard my complaints last week and has decided to give me a full force tentacle slap with his inventory this week. If you are new to Destiny, it is time to grin from ear to ear. Three great armor pieces, and a great weapon. 

Telesto is besto for a reason, as they say. My favorite Fusion Rifle in the game, this fires bubbles of death that stick to enemies and then explode. It's what I used for the Fusion Rifle step of the recent Iron Banner pursuit, and I can confirm that this thing still absolutely slaps in PvP. 

Dunemarchers and the bottom tree for the Striker Titan is just a good time, especially if you combine it with some of the new Artifact Mods. Transversive Steps is a superb Warlock Exotic that will make you super speedy, vital in PvP, and Shards of Galanor will get you some nice Super energy back each time you hit things with Blade Barrage.

All if forgiven Xur. Anything you don't have this week, buy. 

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