Where Is Xur Today, And What Is He Selling In Destiny 2? - August 16 2019

Xur Destiny 2

Xur shows up in Destiny 2 every Friday. He does this to try and sell us the latest Exotic wares he has found in the void, and also to remind us that he only works on weekends. What he does during the week, nobody knows, but we assume it involves trying to figure out what he should try to sell us the following week. 

Xur no longer gets a map icon in the game, so it is up to us to hunt him down and find out where he is. To save you time, this guide will tell you where he is hiding and what he is selling, so you can decide if you want to part with some of your Legendary Shards or not. 

Where Is Xur

This week you can find Xur at The Rig, on Titan.

What Is Xur Selling

This week Xur is selling the following Exotic items. As always, he is selling one Exotic weapon and a piece of Exotic armor for each class.

This week Xur is selling the following items:

  • Telesto - Exotic Fusion Energy Rifle
  • Aeon Swift - Hunter Gauntlets
  • Verity's Brow - Warlock Helmet
  • Stronghold - Titan Gauntlets

What Should You Buy From Xur This Week

Telesto is a fun Fusion bubble gun that will render your enemies down to their component atoms at extreme distances. Noteworthy for being able to set ambushes for people in PvP, coat a doorway with bubbles when you think an enemy is about to run through and watch them learn to hate yours forever.

Stronghold for the Titan will pretty much turn Swords into the weapons they should be, as Guarding will increase your movement speed and not drain your ammo. You can even get a heal from it if you perfectly time the Guard. The roll-on these are not the best, but if you haven't had them drop yet, you should grab them and give your favorite sword another shot. 

Verity's Brow and Aoen Swift are nothing to write home about, sadly. Not even the rolls save them, as anyone playing for any length of time will more than likely have better options.

That is it from Xur this week, Guardian! Hopefully, he brought you something that you wanted. 

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