Every Legendary Weapon in Apex Legends So Far

Apex Legends Legendary Weapons Guide

There is nearly no better feeling when playing Apex Legends than finding a legendary weapon. Aside from the two weapons found only in supply drops, it's also possible to find one of five other fully-kitted golden guns lying around the map. Finding one can mean the difference between winning and losing, and here are the seven available options.

Apex Legends Legendary Weapons

Kraber .50-CAL Sniper

The Kraber (image via Wikia) is one of two legendary weapons available only in air drops that land late in matches. It drops with a 6X-10X variable scope and eight special rounds that cannot be found in the world or otherwise replaced once fired.


The Kraber's sheer damage output and limited ammo capacity reward accuracy and disciplined sharpshooting. Headshots deal 250 damage apiece, but with only eight bullets, players must make every shot count. Only a level three or level four helmet can save a player from a Kraber critical hit, making an accurate player with a Kraber a force to be reckoned with.

Mastiff Shotgun

The Mastiff (image via Wikia) is the other legendary weapon that lands in air drops. It comes with no attachments and 20 special shotgun shells that also cannot be found outside of the airdrop they land in.


Each trigger pull releases eight pellets that deal 18 damage apiece for a total of 144 damage to the body or 288 to the head. Those numbers mean that a full-cluster headshot will knock any player regardless of helmet type. A full body shot will knock any unshielded player, and a second shot will finish players with any armor.

The Mastiff fires eight pellets in a horizontal line, and the spread decreases greatly when aiming down the sights. The best options are to get up close and personal with the Mastiff or take well-paced shots from slightly farther away while aiming down the sights.

Fully-Kitted Weapons

The next five weapons on this list aren't legendaries on their own. It is possible to find the standard version of these guns all over the Apex Legends map. But in rare circumstances, players can find variants of these weapons fully-kitted with legendary attachments. Each of these guns continues to use their usual heavy, light, energy or shotgun ammo, but finding one saves players the trouble of searching for each individual attachment. Fully-kitted weapons usually spawn in the blue hot zones visible on the map at the beginning of the match, though they can occasionally spawn elsewhere throughout the world as well.

R-301 Carbine

The fully-kitted R301 (Image via Imgur user Ragnarok7005) is the only legendary assault rifle and the only legendary weapon that uses light ammo. It comes loaded with:

  • Legendary barrel stabilizer
  • Legendary stock
  • Legendary extended magazine (28 round capacity)
  • 2X-4X variable AOG scope


The fully-kitted R301 is maybe the most versatile fully-kitted weapon, as it can be used up-close or at the range. Up close, its 28-round magazine allows the player to unleash a massive amount of damage before reloading. But attachments like the barrel stabilizer and scope make the R301 equally scary at a distance.


The legendary Peacekeeper (Image via Reddit user u/PaulieVideos) is powerful in up-close situations, as shotguns tend to be, and it is the only legendary weapon in the game to use shotgun ammo. Its attachments are:

  • Legendary shotgun bolt
  • 1X digital threat sight
  • Precision Choke


This variant of the Peacekeeper comes stacked with both the highest fire rate a Peacekeeper can have and reduced spread for better chances of landing (or completely missing) full clusters. The digital threat sight makes the gun especially useful in Bangalore smoke or Caustic gasses, giving its user an edge in otherwise hectic scenarios.


A player with a fully-kitted Wingman (Image via Reddit user EmotionlessWarlock) is a major threat at nearly any range, thanks to its loadout:

  • Legendary extended magazine (12 round capacity)
  • 1X-2X variable sight
  • Skullpiercer Rifling


While some may criticize Respawn's choice of scope for the legendary Wingman, it is still no joke. Especially with a 12-round magazine and Skullpiercer Rifling, a fully-kitted Wingman is certainly a reliable option at the range.

Prowler Burst PDW

The Prowler (Image via Reddit user u/RoShamPoe) is at its best when it has a Selectfire Receiver, and this fully-kitted variant doesn't disappoint. Here is what players can expect:

  • Legendary extended magazine (35 round capacity)
  • 1X digital threat sight
  • Legendary stock
  • Selectfire Receiver


The legendary Prowler is great for short-range engagements due to its full-auto hop-up and high ammo capacity. Just like the legendary Peacekeeper, it also comes in handy during limited visibility because of its digital threat sight. Overall, the legendary Prowler is a fantastic find, partially because of how powerful it is statistically, but also because of how difficult the four individual attachments would be to find on their own. This makes it a much better “value” than, say, the legendary Wingman, which has fewer attachments that also happen to be easier to find.


The Havoc Rifle (Image via Reddit user sieffy) is arguably the most contentious fully-kitted weapon in the game, and for a good reason. Take a look at its attachments:

  • 2X-4X AOG
  • Legendary stock
  • Selectfire Receiver


Most players believe the HAVOC is more effective with the Turbocharger than with the Selectfire Receiver. And when it comes to these legendary weapon variants, attachments are locked to the gun and cannot be removed. That means players cannot swap the Selectfire Receiver for a Turbocharger, even if they have one in their backpack. For some, that's enough to make them avoid the legendary HAVOC entirely. Even so, it is the only legendary gun that uses energy ammo, which can make it a useful pickup for squads that have some to spare.

As Respawn adds more legendary weapons to Apex Legends, we will update this article accordingly.

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