Apex Legends Beginner’s Guide | 13 Tips For Beginners To Survive And Win

Shoot the enemies, stay inside the protective circle and revive your teammates who need help or have died in battle. These are the classic actions that are performed in Apex Legends and many other famous Battle Royale. So, what else is there to know? Much more.

Here is the guide to survive as much as possible during the games at Apex Legends and also to reach the first place. This guide will help you with looting, moving, determining the armor owned by an opponent and much more.

Apex Legends Beginners Tips | How To Survive and Win

Apex Legends Tip #1: The damage number shows the armor level

Apex Legends How to survive and win Guide

As you turn around the massive game map, you will undoubtedly notice that when an opponent is shot, numbers of different colors will be shown. These numbers represent the damage suffered by the opponent, while the color represents the type of armor possessed by the adversary.

  • Red: no armor
  • White: level 1 armor
  • Blue: level 2 armor
  • Viola: level 3 armor

Depending on the color, the damage will be less, and it will be necessary either an excellent weapon or a nice shot of blows.

Apex Legends Tip # 2: Master the ping system

Apex Legends How to survive and win Guide

This is a classic team game, and you will not win if you do not work with your team. The Apex Legends ping system gives you all the tools you need to work together even without a microphone.

By default, the middle mouse click is the basic ping, while the double tap is an “enemy” ping that appears in red. Pings are surprisingly sensitive to the context and trigger lots of unique vocal lines: they point to any object and ping to notify your teammates that you have found armor or ammunition or a new weapon. Hold down the middle mouse button to pull up a ping wheel with options like “looting this area” or “look here” to tell your classmates what you’re doing.

Now here’s the real pros move: open your inventory with TAB or I and hover over one of your weapons or on their attack slots. Then press ping to tell your team that you need light, optical, or barrel mods, etc. It also works on your armor, helmet, landing shield and backpack slot. Tell your team what you need, and they can help you get ready.

Apex Legends Tip # 3: Do not load with useless loot

Apex Legends How to survive and win Guide

When an object is struck red, it means that you can not use it now. As with most of the Battle Royale games, you’ll have to go around looking for the best loot even in Apex Legends. There are so many things you need to recover such as shields and medals to heal you, blue and purple armor to improve your defense. Apex Legends will be very helpful if you want to update a weapon or not: if a barrel stabilizer, a reserve kick, an extended magnet or a telescope fits your weapon, it will show you which slot will automatically enter.

What is more confusing is when an add-on does not apply to the gun you currently have in your hands. Should you pick up a sniper in case you had a sniper rifle afterward? What do you think of a special purple level add-on that makes more damage to the head on a specific gun? Unless you know you’re looking for the exact weapon you need an update to, you should probably leave it behind. “This could come in handy” is a foolproof way to clutter up your inventory and run out of space when you need it.

To delete objects, extract your inventory with Tab or I and right-click on items. If an object has an X in the corner, it means that it is not currently usable with any of your equipped weapons. Unless you are cradling a particularly spacious backpack, dump it.

Apex Legends Tip #4: Run faster by holding your weapon

During the most intense moments, you will need to run fast. Never forget to hold the weapon and run with it. In the middle of a fight, you may need to use it in a moment. But if you are holding back from the killing circle that invades or you are escaping from a battle, remember to press 3 to strengthen your weapon. In reality, you will run faster that way, and that extra speed could separate life from death.

Apex Legends Tip #5: Always slips

As in many other games of the genre, slipping is the winning move. In any inclination and position, press Ctrl or C will allow you to lower yourself, but if you run you will have a slip that will give you more speed and make you a much harder target to hit. On high collons, this will provide you with a significant increase in speed. It is also a powerful tool to slip into the cover or hit the base’s movement speed as you cross the map. You can also use it to move from a ledge if you slip out rather than run and jump. Never stop slipping.

It will take practice to shoot accurately while you are slipping, but you will feel very strong when you enter firearms and hit someone.

Apex Legends Tip #6: Hold spacebar to climb

The Titanfall walls are not there, but agility is still a strength of Apex Legends. By holding down space when you run towards a wall, you can easily reach much higher surfaces. This is not limited only to buildings, but also to scalable rock formations. There are areas everywhere on the map that may seem inaccessible at first, but in reality, they are reachable with a well-positioned jump. Make sure you keep the space to go all the way. This is a great way to drop people, especially in some of the narrow canyons that link parts of the map.

Apex Legends Tip #7: The supply ship is a major combat zone


As you’re crossing the map before dropping, you’ll also see a supply ship circling. You can see it on your map, too, and where it will land—the ship appears as a white icon, and its landing spot is marked with a blue icon. This ship carries a lot of gear and weapons, and often it’s high-level stuff, so it’s a common hotspot for squad landings. If you land there, expect an immediate fight, or quickly grab what you can before leaping off.

Apex Legends Tip #8: Don’t worry about fall damage

There’s no need to be bashful about leaping off buildings, cliffs, or the supply ship that hovers over the map. You can plummet as far as you like and not take any fall damage. It’s a great incentive to throw caution to the wind and make some desperate escapes, or crazy mid-air kills since you don’t need to worry about hurting yourself when you hit bottom.

Apex Legends Tip #9: With three squads left, you can’t see the player count

Like all battle royale games, you can see how many squads and players are left in the match. When only the final three squads are left, however, the player tally becomes a question mark. So unless you were paying close attention, you wouldn’t know how many total players are left, only that there’s at least one on each squad. When kills are made, the counter will flash red, so you can still keep a mental count of how many total players are remaining—if you can remember how many were left when match dropped from four squads to three. Remember that this includes your squad too.

Apex Legends Tip #10: Use Survey Beacons with Pathfinder to see where the next circle will be

Apex Legends How to survive and win Guide

If Pathfinder is on your team, take note of the survey beacon locations on the map overview. They’re marked by what looks like a small antenna at the center of a few concentric circles. Pathfinder can grapple up to these devices and interface with them to display where the next circle will be for the entire team. Whether you’re playing cautiously or aggressively, knowing the best place to hole up is vital in any battle royale game. “Have a plan: Scan.” – James “ScanBoy” Davenport

Apex Legends Tip #11: Bind the map toggle to left alt

Reaching over to hit M is unnatural, and since staying on the move is critical in Apex Legends, you’ll need to check your position often and quickly. Find a convenient keybind that works for you and use it to check the map often.

Apex Legends Tip #12: Drop pods can contain exclusive Legendary weapons

Two of the most powerful guns in the game, the Mastiff shotgun, and the Kraber sniper aren’t available as normal map pickups like everything else. They’re Legendary weapons, and they’ll sometimes appear in the drop pods that appear around the map. Go for those supply drops for some high-level items. Just keep in mind other players are probably gunning for them, too.

Apex Legends Tip #13: Legendary knockdown shields let you self-revive

Apex Legends How to survive and win Guide

You could play for a long time without spotting one, but keep your eyes peeled for a legendary knockdown shield. Typical knockdown shields will give you some protection from damage while you’re incapacitated and crawling away so a teammate can revive you, but with a legendary knockdown shield, you’ll see a prompt telling you to revive with the E key. No need for a teammate, you can get back on your feet by yourself.

That’s all you need to know how to play Apex Legends at best and have high chances of winning.